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Saturday, April 6, 2013

35/36 weeks

I'm actually 35 weeks and 5 a little closer to 36 weeks than 35.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday though- and so I wanted to document how it all went.

It went well!  :)
So I had my sono last week...and because I had to leave after a looong wait to go pick Parker up from school....I never saw the actual doctor.

So yesterday- my doctor told me that everything looked great on the sono....that the baby was measuring about 5lbs, 5oz and in the 40th percentile.  So Nolan shouldn't be SO huge (may be still big, but I was imagining an enormous child for some reason).  When he measured my belly yesterday, I was still measuring about 2 and a half weeks big.  But I don't even care.  My goal: healthy baby boy!

This past week I think I've finally hit that mark where I have noticed that I am getting big.  He is getting big.  And the belly is slowing me down some.  I'm still not quite ready for him to make his appearance...but we are getting there.  

My whole pregnancy when people have asked, "Are you ready?" or "Can't get here fast enough, huh?"....I've always responded with "No.  Not yet.".  
And now.  Now my response is more like a quick sigh and a "Ahhh....I'm getting there."  Because I am.  Bending over to pick up the many many many little things and big things and stuff that is constantly scattered on the floor that no one seems to be aware of but me.... is proving to be more difficult {and annoying}.  ;)

I did do his laundry yesterday (love the smell of Dreft).  THREE loads!!  And again felt overwhelmed and blessed by all that we were given.  This boy is definitely already so loved.

I have heartburn a few times throughout the day- but is usually resolved by a couple tums (which are really so gross, but they do help so much).

And another thing that I have forgotten to write about (I think)....since about 25 weeks- I started having ringing in my right ear (aka tinnitus).  I had never heard of this happening during pregnancy, but apparently it does. is only in my right ear.....and I can usually only hear the 'ringing' (it sounds more like a fax machine) in my ear when I lay on my right side or when it's really quite in the early morning.  Otherwise- I think it might drive me crazy.  I now have a special place in my heart for those with tinnitus.  Praying this dissipates at the end of this pregnancy.

Foods I still crave: pizza, chips and salsa, bean and cheese nachos with jalapeños, and ice cream with chopped up m&ms sprinkled on top (to name a few, ha!).

Sleeping: I would be doing better if Grace would stay in her bed all. night. long!!!  
I am seriously so worn out and exhausted by the end of the day...I can usually sleep 5-6 hours straight before even waking up to go to the restroom.  Then...going back to sleep is a toss up because my brain starts racing about all of the many things I still need/want to do before baby comes...and how much I could get done if I just went ahead and started my  day.  I rarely remember falling asleep.  It only takes a minute or so.

Hard to believe in just over 3 weeks we will have a baby!


Courtney said...

You look so beautiful!

I absolutely adore the name Nolan. It is one of my top, top, top favorite boy names for a future baby boy Spena someday :)

Viv said...

You have done so amazing! Love you!


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