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Sunday, April 28, 2013


My thoughts are racing.  I'm not really sure how to summarize how I feel and that's ok.  But it's somewhere between really excited to meet our son....worry for the girls and how they are going to react to this big life-changing event....nervous for the surgery....and praying for a healthy baby.  I'm not going to lament on all of those things right now because 1) I don't think I could articulate it, and 2) I'm exhausted.  ;)  

But here are a few random tidbits from our day.

This morning at church....Parker used these stickers to make this picture of our soon-to-be family of 5.  I absolutely love this.  So sweet and just perfect.

39 weeks.

this is my view looking down towards my feet....:)

After church- we headed to lunch at Outback with my mom and Terry, and Kristin, Phil, and Payton.  Today Payton turned 4!  Lots of April birthdays in our family.  Lunch was so good- the food and the company.

Once we were home...Geoff cleaned out the car and put the infant car seat in.  The girls were in a really good mood and were 'helping him', and I asked him if he minded if I laid down for about 30 minutes just to get a little bit of energy to finish up all we needed to do.  He didn't mind at all...and the 30 minutes turned into 1 hr.  I made myself get up because I still had quite a bit to do...but it did make me feel SO much better.

I've been packing the girls' bag since about mid-week.  I think I finally got everything.

 Stuff for Nolan.  :)

I want to eventually do a post on all of my handmade gifts because I feel like I was given so much and I love it all....but my mom just finished the boppy cover and gave it to me today.  And I love it!

We had a good rest of our evening at home.  Like I already mentioned- the girls were in a great mood today.  Parker is really SO excited about tomorrow (She's excited about Nolan and staying with Gramma and Poppa, but also that she gets to miss school!  haha).  So they played around together with minimal arguing (which is SO nice because they are just really at each other's throat these days!!) while we got some things done.

Grace said in such a serious-matter-of-fact way, "So...when we come home with baby Nolan....we're going to leave him in the car, right?"  Bless her heart.  So I sat her down with me and had a talk with her to try and explain what all was going to happen.  I think she 'know's' what's going to happen....but I think she has no idea.  :)  Much like all of us, I suppose.

And before bed...we set the camera up on the coffee table and set the timer and tried to get one last picture of our family of 4.

Grace was being so silly.  Right after the picture snapped...she said, "Oh man!  My eyes were closed."    It was so funny.  Little stinker closed her eyes on purpose!  She's such a character at times.

Love my family.


Viv said...

So very sweet!

Lauren M. said...

Good Luck today! Those family pictures are precious!

Courtney said...

Praying for you!

Emily said...

Your girls are too adorable! And...can't wait to see pics of your new little man!!!

Kristin said...

Good family picture!!

Sanz said...

Love your adorable dress, the adorable bobby cover, and the wallpaper! Best wishes to you at this very exciting time!

oliviadog said...

A big congrats from France!!!


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