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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Lately- we've been back in our pre-Nolan 'survival mode' of single parenting while we both work full-time.  My phone has been filled with photos that Geoff has taken and sent me, as well as, pictures I've taken myself.  I have a love-hate relationship with my phone right now.  Love that I can take so many pictures....but miss my big camera that I rarely have the motivation to drag out these days.

So here are a ton of pics that I'm just going to jam all into one post just to get out.

So proud of sweet Grace.  She moved to the next level in her swim lessons.  Too bad it was the week before her last lesson of the season!  But still....she has improved so much that she is now in the class with Parker and Payton.

Some days are harder than others getting this boy to nap.  And so if I could just get him settled into this Moby wrap I think we'd all be happier.  We're not there yet.  I've actually only tried one other time since the day of this picture.  By the time I got him in the wrap- I was sweating and he was wailing.  But by that point I was not going to take hime out!  He finally gave up and slept for about 30 minutes.

Haha.  In looking at these pictures- I guess he did have a rough few days.  
One afternoon I was doing laundry (actually- there are many afternoons I am doing laundry!)  and so putting him in his bouncy seat...on top of the washer that has its own sorts of vibrations, along with the humming of the drier...all kept this boy calm.   And he fell asleep.  Yaaayy!!!  (I did move his bouncer off the washer though)

I asked Parker what she wanted for lunch one day....and she immediately came into the kitchen and showed me.  :)  She's getting so big.

This girl loves her baby brother so much.  She'll just hug and kiss on him as much as I will let her.  He's her real-life baby doll.

Just some pictures of Nolan.  He's getting SO big.  I especially notice it after 3 days of working.  He grows so much, so quickly.

Just a little Friday night movie watching from a living room tent...

Geoff sent me this picture one morning while I was working...

Geoff also sent me these pictures.  He took a 3 hour nap for him!  Little stinker.  Won't go past 1 hour for his momma.

Another one Geoff sent me while at work.

It's hard enough being away from the kids while I work....but a week and a half ago Parker came down with a tummy ache and fever.  She never got sick, which was good....but did have a pretty good fever...and it was hard to be away.  Geoff sent me this picture when her fever got up to 103.7 and was putting a cool rag on her.  Bless her heart.

She did get up from time to time while the ibuprofen was working to do some coloring.  It's her favorite thing to do these days....draw and color.

The next day....and she was feeling a little better!

On my first day off...Grace and I had our special date together.  I had taken Parker out the week before.  She was dressed to impress and read to go with her purse and sunglasses just like Mommy.

Her choice for lunch- Cici's pizza.

After lunch- we headed to Target.  I thought it was so funny what she has in her purse: sunglasses, a notepad, and our old home cordless phone to name a few.

Those chubby fingers.....


Pei said...

What a sweet lil lady Grace is becoming!! Her pearls...and that phone! ;)

Oh and of course Parker and Nolan <3 melts my heart :)

Viv said...

So very sweet, every one of those pics! So sorry Parker had been sick though! Bless her little heart!


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