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Thursday, June 28, 2012

a day in the life

Another great day with my girlies.  I've been thinking over the past few weeks that we have finally hit that point where things are (dare I say) easier.  READ:  I did not say easy.  But easier.  Hahaha!

Parker's almost 5 and she really is a huge help.  Grace is now 2, but thinks she is she does a lot.  Miss Independent could be her nickname these days.  But she climbs in the car and her carseat...I just have to buckle her in.  She's potty trained.  I rarely have to ask her if she needs to go, she tells me 99.4% of the time.  :)  She can communicate with many words.  And the girls will, at times.  play very well together.  At the pool- they can both be floating in floats...sit on the step and take turns....just a more controlled environment than when Grace was still a baby.  I couldn't really do anything with Parker because I had to stay right there with Grace....and now they seem closer to the same level...just not as big of a gap between them now that they both do more.

Now to keep it real....realize that there are still fits and tears from each daily (usually multiple times in a day).  And they take it seems like a lot more.  And my job description some days may be more like "referee" than nurturer or anything like that.

But still.  I've really been having so much fun with both of them.  Sometimes we're just having such a good time and they're just my little buddies, you know?

So this morning for breakfast I made waffles.  Parker was entertaining herself and Grace wanted me to hold her.  So she quickly became my helper.  

And I've been meaning to write this for some time....but everyday she either wears, a) her ballet tutu, or b) her leotard and tutu.  Most of the time I don't let her wear it out of the house....but I literally go into her room...get her out of her crib...change her pull-up....and her first request is to wear one of those 2 things.  She means business people.

We headed to the neighborhood pool soon after breakfast.  We went one day last week in the afternoon and it was way too hot.  The pool felt like a warm bath...not refreshing at all....and it kinda grossed me out.  Anyway- I decided that if we were to go to the pool at all....we'd go in the mornings- less people and less heat!
Grace is all about doing things herself....and you can kinda tell by the way she put her shoes on this morning.  So cute though!
The girls got some new Dora goggles and they are loving them.

We came home an hour later ready for a shower then lunch.

Geoff came home from work about that time and the girls were so excited to seem him.  They always are....but especially lately for some reason.  She ended up throwing a fit and did not want Geoff to go to sleep.  So I just told him to let her go with him and she'd probably go to sleep (she isn't a normal napper....not in almost 2 years....but it wasn't worth the argument today!).  So she went into the room with him and didn't come out for one and a half hours!  It gave me some quality time with Grace and I even took a 10 minute power nap myself.

Parker woke up about the time I got Grace down.  So we made a quick run to Sonic for happy hour.

We woke Grace up at about 3pm (if we let her sleep too long now she won't' go down for bed at night!).  I love Grace's hair after her nap.  She tends to get a little warm and so her hair just kinks up and in usually so curly.  We call it her 'crazy hair'.  When Grace sees other people with curly hair while out and about.....she'll say, "Momma- she has cwazy hair wike me!"  Ha!  It's just the cutest thing, I think.
And in that nightlight with her little feet poking out.....makes me melt.  Just want to bottle her up. She's growing up too fast.

After all naps were taken....we headed to the library.  I stopped in Pottery Barn Kids last week and saw some of the books they had on their shelf.  One of them being Fancy Nancy.  It looked like a book that Parker would like, but I didn't want to buy it there.  So we ended up checking one out at the library.  We read it tonight and I think she liked it.  They seem to be really cute books.

Both girls got to have some time on the computer and both of them loved it.

For dinner tonight I made this delicious Chicken Tamale Pie.  I really use pinterest quite a bit for finding recipes...and this is one of them.  Some are hit and some are miss, you know?   Well this was a hit!  It took about an hour to make...but most of that time was just the time in the oven.  As far as the ingredients and the work you actually have to's hardly a thing....just throwing some ingredients into a bowl and baking.  I had the kitchen all clean and picked up by the time it was ready.  So that was a definite plus.  It was really so good and flavorful, and Geoff agreed.  I used different cheeses than originally called for and adding cilantro would have been good, too.  But you get the point!  Try this.  ;)

After dinner we even spent about 30 minutes outside...picking cucumbers, swinging, and playing in the sand.  Even though we have such hot weather here right now (like I start sweating as soon as I walk outside! wasn't too bad tonight.  A warm breeze and some shade provided by the house helped tremendously.

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