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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Final days of family vacation...

Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  Everyone was pretty worn out, I think.

The guys (except Brian) played another round of golf early that morning.
And we all just did what we did best....ate and swam.

Mom and Granny made breakfast burritos...

We're taking a break from gymnastics this summer with our crazy schedules.  I'm not sure if we'll go back in the fall because both girls will be in dance.  We'll see.  Anyway- since Grace started gymnastics back in January...she would never do a front roll.  Her teacher never really mad ever either.  On the mornings of gym she'd say to me while shaking her head with a serious face, "Me not do uh fwont woh."  I'd say in the 4 months while in class- she maybe did a front roll 3 times?  Well on her last class in the last week of May- she let us help her do the front roll on the cheese mat.

And sometime over the past week her so....has become a pro.  

She also likes to show us how she does "bou-way"

Sunday night was Geoff's night to grill steak and chicken.  Aunt Pauline offered to shuck the corn while we were swimming...

Granny doing her exercises

The guys upon returning from golf and eating lunch....

I think this pic is from the guys' first day golfing....


Aunt Aubrey is the best.  The girls just love her.  And it's not hard to see why.  She is just so kind and patient with them.  Knows exactly what to say- and so anytime they were in fit mode....she could usually get them out of that mood really quick.  Thanks, Aunt Aubrey, for loving on our girls.  And for their special goodie bag that they still carry around and use everyday!

We had to call it quits a little early that day for some rain clouds that rolled in.  Which was fine by me.  I was kind of done being in the water and in the sun.

So we came in and played games.  The girls played with play dough for a little while....

Geoff and Phil had to leave on Sunday night to be back for work on Monday morning.  So we attempted an all family picture.

And we also had the trophy presentation.  :)

So every year on vacation the guys (and possibly some women in the future) get to play golf at least one day.  It is now a "Family Vacation Tournament" and there is a trophy that the winner gets to take home and keep for the year until the next year.  Phil was the big winner this year.  Congrats Phil!

About as good as our family pics get these days....

Beautiful sunset after the rain...

And this concludes the vacation pictures!  :)  Whew!

So thankful for these vacations each year.  Love my family!

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Viv said...

Awesome pics! All of them made me smile! Priceless memories being made!


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