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Monday, June 4, 2012

busy weekend

 It's been busy 'round these parts for the past few days.  I had a busy work week schedule last week, followed by a full weekend!

The girls spent the night at my mom's on Friday since Geoff and I both worked.  So Saturday morning I came home and went straight to sleep.  Since Geoff did not have to worry about the girls....I made a small list of things to get done.  ;)  He didn't get as much done as he would have liked, but I think he got a lot done!  It just feels good to get some things taken care of, you know?

He trimmed the bushes in the flower beds and fertilized the lawn.

He moved a mirror we had hanging above the couch to over our mantle.

He pickled our first batch of cucumbers this season.

Only....I think he forgot a few because I found these hiding in the vines Sunday afternoon....

 He cut and spray painted the molding that we are going to place around our builder's grade mirror in the girls' bathroom.

We did this in our old house, too....long before pinterest.  In our old house- Geoff was painting the bathroom.  He had to take the mirror down and it ended up cracking near the edge.  So he thought to put the molding around it.  It did so much for that bathroom.  Hoping it will do something for this house, too!

Saturday night- we got to take a little break from the hustle and bustle.  My stepmom, Kay, retired from MISD after teaching for a total of 39 years (with 29 of those year being at the same elementary school).  That is certainly dedication!  They had a beautiful retirement party at my dad's house.  It was great to get together, visit with family and friends, and celebrate.

Wonderful food.

They cook the fajitas up right there.  Smelt so good walking up to the house!

Me and my dear Aunt B.....

Kristin and Phil...

Kay and some of her friends....

Brian (my brother) and his girlfriend, Christine....

Me and Sister

Geoff and me.....

Me, My dad, and Kristin....

Chips, queso, and salsa as the appetizer....

Beef and chicken fajitas....along with bacon wrapped shrimp.  Oh my goodness...SO good!

 The tables set up outside were big enough for 6 people.  But we comfortably squeezed in 10 chairs.  Had a wonderful time visiting with good friends and family....

And the last (very underexposed) picture....Kay and her daughter, Kasey.

I started out doing really well with the picture taking, but after the sun went down, so did the camera.  ;)


Sunday we tried to continue to get things marked off of our lists.  Geoff continued to work hard and Parker and I ran a few errands together while Grace napped in the afternoon.  She was so giddy.  I love it when I get a chance to have some one on one time with each girl.  They really soak it up.  I do, too.

When we returned- we woke Grace up from her nap and headed to the neighborhood pool.   And wouldn't you know it....Grace would not put her face in the water.  In fact- she wouldn't really even let go of me.

But Parker...(I wrote previously about how she threw a huge fit and did not want to put her face in the water all during swim lessons week)....well....about 20 minutes in, she started showing us how she could put her head all the way under water.....we never asked her to do this at all....she just did.  And then- she even asked us to count how long she was under the water!  I just couldn't believe it.  Next time we go to the pool I'm really going to make an effort to continue with teaching her how to swim.  I did teach lessons for 3 summers and just never really done a thing with my own girls.


Looking forward to more family fun....because today is Family Fun-day Monday (I know that is so corny to say it...but it's like I can't help myself or something).

The unofficial official plan is to go berry picking!  Parker requested waffles for breakfast and I intend to make it happen.  Bottom line....we will all be together for a full day.


Viv said...

It was a wonderful party wasn't it! Great pics you took too!(as usual).

Sherri said...

You have been busy...I could hardly keep up! :)
Looks like fun times!

Kristin said...

That;s great that Parker was going under water!!!! Maybe she was just having an "off" week last week with you being gone so much!!

amyomilstead said...

Congrats to Kay! I saw her pic in the MISD newsletter. That is amazing dedication! I wish her a happy retirement!


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