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Friday, June 15, 2012


Parker had her first dance class last week.  I had to work- so my mom came and took her.  Parker was excited to say the very least.  So excited that she didn't eat her dinner!  Poor Grace...she was almost just as excited as Parker and wanted to wear her ballet tutu, too.

Before we left for dance this week, Parker said, "Grace...come here and let Mommy take a picture of us giving each other a hug."  She knows I love this and, at times, is in the mood to please me.

Grace wanted her hair in a pony tail like Parker and I.  And through a small fit when it wasn't low enough.  She wanted it on her ours (ours were not low near our neck, but our hair is long enough that it touches our neck and so that's what she was going for)

 For her second class....she was a little more laid back.  (Again- Grace not in her own class til the fall, but oh my goodness...she was just so sweet while waiting for the girls to finish.  She mostly just sat in my lap looking at everyone else that was waiting, too.}  The other day she said while holding up 2 fingers, "I will det{get} to doh{go} to dance when I four!"  I love that she is just so sweet and patient....she completely understands that it's not her turn to go to dance and just accepts it.  No fits.


 Out shopping with your 4 and 2 year old and need the opinion of an adult?  I took these in the Target dressing room and sent to Kristin for a quick opinion.  What did we do before phones?


Most of the time I drink coffee on my way into work.  And to be just doesn't taste quite as good at 6pm and in 93 degree heat.  ;)


 The girls got some new shades for vacation.  For those of you who know me....know that I love the larger framed sunglasses.  Apparently my 2 year old does, too.  Ha!


Just playing together in the backyard.  I love watching them.  Or rather- not looking too closely as it messes up their flow...but I love seeing them play together.


Another great variety from our co-op this week...


Before running errands one day....I was standing at the door calling for the girls to come...and Grace came proud...and said, "Momma....I terry{carry} a purse wike{like} you."  {melt}


Kitchen gallery wall almost finished.


 we got some real good rain last week and it has helped our cucumbers and cherry tomatoes immensely!  Ready for another shower to help out again.


life rearranged

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Viv said...

sweet, sweet sisters! I liked the dress too! Can't wait to see her dance!


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