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Monday, February 20, 2012

Grace @ 2 years old.

She is a hot mess!!  She is busy and talking and running and silly and into everything and just happy as can be.  There really isn't a day that goes by that she has not made us laugh.

-Right now we have somewhat started the potty training.  She pretty much took the lead here.  I don't know why I have been dreading it.  It hasn't been too bad though.  She does pretty well most of the time.  She will come to us when she is ready, but sometimes gets caught up in the moment and 'forgets'.  She tells us, "I not tee tee in my pannies!"  {update: still doing pretty well with minimal accidents.  We had a little set-back when I went back to work, but I'll be home again more this week so hoping to clear this up!}  If she does have an accident....sometimes I'll ask, "Why didn't you tell Mommy?  Why did you teetee in your panties"...and just as matter of factly she will say. "Be-tuz (because) I teetee in my panties."

-When she wears diapers she is in a size 4.  She wears mostly 24 mo- 2 T clothes.

-Almost as soon as we get her buckled into her car seat....she takes off her shoes and socks and rips out her bows.  Rarely is she still fully dressed by the time we reach a destination.

**She is definitely afraid of the rain.

-She likes to run around a lot of the time with no clothes on.  Even with it being cold!  It's simply not worth the argument!  :)  OR- she likes to change her clothes 47 times a day.  And gets pretty upset if you tell her no.

-And....she likes to pick out her own clothes a lot of the time.  And her shoes.  Lord help me.  ;)

-She does not like to wear a jacket/sweater.  I pretty much have to force her.  And then she takes it off as soon as we get where we are going.

-She is doing so much better going into her Sunday school and Wednesday night classes at church.  I guess I could say that more often than not, she is not crying when we leave her.

-And it looks like she's learning some good stuff in Sunday school already.  The other morning she was sitting in my lap and started singing and doing the motions to "Deep and Wide".  It was one of the cutest things.  I started singing it with her and doing the motions.  At first- her face was like, "How do you know this song?"  And then she said, "Do it uh-den Momma."  So we did it again.....about 13 more times.  ;)

-She loves purple.  Almost everything is purple, actually (to her anyways).  And I love how when we are at gymnastics....they use these sticks to do music time....there are different colors.  Anyway- she always gets the purple ones!

-Last week when we were saying our nightly prayers....out of the blue Grace started saying one.  I just sat there smiling from ear to ear.  It was seriously one of the sweetest things.  She basically just said, "Tay-too {thank you} fah {for} ...." and started listing off everyone that we pray for.  She did really well.  Occasionally she wouldn't know who to say she said, "Momma" a lot.  I didn't help her too much because this momma needs lots of prayers!  ;)  And when she was done....she said, "Ah-men."  It was definitely one of those moments that I wanted to remember everything about it.....her voice, her face, her words.  I just can't write them as sweet as they were spoken, you know?

-She loves for us to read her books.  And admittedly....I do not think we read to her as much as we did Parker.  So definitely something to work on.  We are reading 2 of 'her' books at night before song and prayer.....Parker usually sits at the foot of the bed with her princess dolls and plays.  She has even started 'reading' some of the books to us.  Which is always one of my favorite things.  And when she gets to the last page....I start to nudge the back of the book closed and start saying, "The end."....when she quickly pushes it back open and quickly flips to earlier pages in the book because she's not ready for it to be 'over,'

-She is talking all the time.  We understand her almost always....but I know she's still difficult for others to understand sometimes, too.  I love how she says 'chapstick':  "chop chiips"                .

And something that's funny.....I'll say something like, "Say Princess Jasmine"....and she'll say, "Sin-cess Ja-chin."......And I will reply, "Princess Ja-Chin?"  And she will say, "NO!!!!  SIN-CESS Ja-CHIN!"  It's like she know the right way to say it....and hears herself say it the correct way.  If we say it exactly how she says it....she knows we are wrong and is quick to correct us.  This is so funny to me.

-She loves to dress up as a "sin-cess" {princess}....but really- even though we have all of the 'real' princess dresses..... her favorite thing to dress up in his one of my tanks.  If I put them on backwards....they seem to fit a little better.  And she will usually run to Parker's room to pick out some shoes, too.

-Grace loves her sister.  I've said it before....but I think she thinks she is 4 and just as big as Parker.  Which is fine...and actually fun to watch at times.

-She's independent when she wants to be.  One night a while back I let the girls get a little messy and paint their own nails.  Grace was seriously loving this!

-She likes to put her baby in time out sometimes, too.

-She loves gymnastics....or maybe I should say.....she loves to bounce!  ;)  We are still new but she seems to be getting better.  She still does not really like to do a front roll....something about going head first, I don'know.  Haha.  She did swing on the rope and fall into the pit this last time we went!

-She loves donuts...which is what led me to having her 2nd birthday party as breakfast with a donut cake.  

-She loves to eat, really.  I would not say she is my picky eater, that's for sure.  The only thing with that she will sit down at the table and eat off of her plate really well.....until Geoff or I sit down and then she wants to come sit in our lap.  Which would be ok...except she wants to eat our food.   And even though she outs our doesn't seem to help me lose any weight.  ;)

That's about all I can think of for now.  There so much I don't want to forget....but I forget a lot by the time I sit down to write it all out..  I've been writing this post for a few weeks and it's funny how some things have already changed.  ;)


The Fenter Funny Farm said...

She is just precious....can't believe she's two already!

Viv said...

She is indeed a doll baby! Makes me smile!

Kristin said...

She is so cute!! Loved reading all of that and I love how she talks too! I don't want it to change!!

jrjones5876 said...

cutie girl. I love reading your blog and seeing what she's going to say next. My girls are the same way!


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