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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grace's 2nd Birthday Donut Party- The Setup & Guests

We had a breakfast brunch party for Grace yesterday.  I had set my alarm to wake up for 6:30....guest would be arriving at 10:00.  But, of course, I snoozed til 7:00 and was running about 30 minutes behind.  Which turned out to be ok.  It was family and everyone seemed to enjoy visiting.  ;)

I let Geoff sleep til 7:30, and as soon as he was up....I sent him off to the donut store.  When he returned, he told me if I wanted some fresh donut holes to come now.  And when he said that, I didn't realize how fresh he meant.  But they were still warm!  Mmmmm...

A little breakfast before the party.....Grace loves donuts!  Which is primarily what led me to deciding to do a brunch party.

This was our table.  Complete with my $1.99 plastic-y table cloth.  :)

On the table:

Rainbow fruit kabobs.

Bacon and sausage balls....

Mini quiche

The donut cake-

Some fresh flowers (and pigs in a blanket that are in the background that I didn't get a picture of)

We just filled these little favor bags with about 4 donut holes and I made these labels in photoshop and printed out on 4x2 mailing labels.....

The fabric bunting:

Also on the menu, but didn't make it on the table:

Stuffed French toast casserole...

Breakfast pizza

The guests:

Dad and Terry

Granny, Gramma, Payton

Aunt Pauline and Granny

Aunt B

The birthday girl!!  I had made a cute shirt with the number 2 on it.....and had her in it, complete with leggings and and a tutu.  But, of course, about 30 minutes before guests arrived- she ran to her room and found her 'seeping booty' top and insisted she wear it.  I wasn't going to argue.  It was her day and who really cares what she wore?  And she was happy.  ;)

Uncle Phil

Uncle Dave and Gran

Grandad and Geoff

Grace would dance around near Geoff....sneaking in bites of his food.

She'd says, "I unt {want} bite, Daddee!"

Starting to get excited about opening her presents!


Part 2 is to come!  I had originally made it all into one post, but there were over 120 I decided to break it up.  I want to document it all, though, for her memory's sake.


Menu planning week 2:

We did really well last week not eating out too much and eating our leftovers.  Even so- we didn't get to 2 of the meals that were planned for last week, but since we already have everything for them- we are under budget on our groceries this week.

So for this week:

Sun-dried Tomato Basil Chicken served with brown rice and vegetables
Beef Tacos
Dr. Pepper Pork- we'll make soft tacos, eat for leftovers, and freeze the rest for another week.

(I plan to order pizza one night that we both work, then we'll eat at church Wednesday night, and leftovers, Totino's or hot dogs, and maybe pancakes and bacon will fill in any other gaps we may have!  Not the picture of health, but it's progress.)


Vivian said...

What a great idea to have a donut party! The mini donuts and the donut cake are super fun!!

Sherri said...

You didn't miss a detail...what a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday!

Viv said...

It as all so very good too! Thoroughly enjoyed everything especially getting to see everyone!

Emily said...

what a fun idea! You did great! I can't wait to sew a bunting once I get my machine out of it's box after we move! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute, we are doing a donut party for my son's b-day on Sunday, do you have the recipe for the sausage balls???


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