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Friday, January 20, 2012

Grace's 2nd birthday Day

So in case there was a doubt in your mind after all that I have written about this week.....Grace turned 2 yesterday.  ;)   We had her small family party this past Saturday.....and made yesterday, her actual birthday, a special family day.

We slept in a bit....til about 7:30.  Which would have been really great except that I really needed to be up earlier since we needed to leave the house by 8:30 for Grace's 2 year well check-up.

An hour was really plenty of time since I had Geoff's help, but we got kind of slowed down by this plan I had in my head.  For whatever reason- I had decided that I wanted us to all walk in her room together singing happy birthday.

And as usual- things didn't go as planned.  But they turned out better.  Or at least just as good.  ;)

I hopped in the shower and sent Geoff to wrap her one present she was going to open on her birthday (we're such slackers!)  Meanwhile- Parker goes in to see her sister (she was excited it was Grace's birthday, too).  Climbs in her crib with her (which I do not really like because Parker also climbs out of the crib and I don't want Grace to be getting any more ideas!!)

About 5 minutes in Parker comes back into our room.  We hear Grace on the monitor saying, "Momma!  Where are you?"  So cute and funny.

We hurriedly send Parker back in there (again to keep her happy and in her crib.  ha!)

I videoed it because I wanted to capture all of her faces and whatever she would say.  As I turned off the camera I had started to tear up.  Uhhh.  Stop growing up. I don't think I am ready to officially say that my baby is no longer a baby.  And I am certainly not ready for Parker to be FIVE this year.  But I guess ready or not.....

She is so sweet.  I don't know if you caught it all.  But at one point Parker said, "do you want me to hold it for you?"  And she quickly replied, "No- I will do it!"  just as plain as day.  Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds over this past month.

So we hurriedly got ready....they had pancakes and fruit in the car ride there because there was no time.

Made it there right on time.  Thankful for no traffic and a safe trip!

We only waited about 15 minutes for the doctor.  But oh my goodness.  A 4 year old and a 2 year old in a small doctors office exam room is like having a bull in a China closet.  I was sweating for sure.  Keeping them off the rolling chair and out of the de-germer alone was a chore!

She did great though.  As we walked into the doctor's though, she did say to me, "I not det(get) a shot, Momma."  I think we can thank Parker for putting that idea into her head.  Parker asked me before we even left the house if she could ask the doctor if Grace was going to get a shot.  So she did.  The doctor didn't know at first (because she hadn't looked)....but right before she left the room she told Parker that Grace was going to have 1 shot.  Parker adamantly said, "I don't want she to have a shot!  I don't want she to have a shot!"  I don't think Dr. Halsell was expecting this reaction but kind of quickly said something to the effects of it'll just be one, show her how to be brave, and hold her hand....then just as quickly exited the exam room.

Parker bursted into tears.  It was the saddest (and sweetest) thing.  I really wanted her to stop though, because I didn't want to upset Grace.

Anyway- moral of the story- she had to get a little blood drawn for lead and iron testing.  Grace did not even wimpier.  But Parker bawled.

Then it was shot time.  This nurse offered to let Grace stay in my lap (I have never been given this option before.  I've always had to lay them on the table and restrain them.....I like this way better) but was concerned Parker might freak out (she didn't use those words exactly).  I sent Parker to sit in the chair just on the other side of the nurse (so glad she listened to me and didn't argue) she wasn't able to see.  Grace did cry after the shot but only for a minute.  Parker cried a little more and said several times there and after leaving that she "....never ever wants to go to the doctor again!"  I hope we haven't scarred her!  ;)

To make up for the 'trauma'....we headed to Northpark for lunch and the princess (Disney) store.  They have a neat little screen sitting area.

Each girl got a new doll (like they need it.  but the deal is- and not that i have to justify it, but Parker has been so good this week cooped up in the house while grace was sick and then grace was so good at the doctor AND....i bought a few gifts at the disney store for christmas through paypal that i tried to return but paypal does NOT do we have quite a bit of store credit.  long story, but moral is- don't use paypal if you think you may want to return it)

Grace with her new "Pota-hontus," as she says it.

After lunch and the Disney store....we went to Sprinkles to pick up cupcakes.

The birthday girl on her birthday!

Grace took a short nap in the car but woke up as I took our exit.

When we got home we changed into short sleeves (it was a beautiful day here...kinda warm...especially for January!) and spent some time on the trampoline.

It was 3 in the afternoon by this time and we decided to go ahead and eat our cupcakes....sing happy birthday and blow out her candles.

I love this next series of photos....

The shot to get my settings right....

In this next one she is looking at Geoff as he is carrying over her cupcake with 2 lit candles and we are all singing to her.... 

Patiently waiting.... 

As soon as we were done singing she blew them out with her first blow!  So I missed it. 

But we started cheering and oh how proud she was of herself.


Grace Jean-

I have been trying to come up with the words to say to you.  With the actual new year and the ending of your second year coming all at the same time....I have done quite a bit of reflecting over the past few weeks.  And my heart is full.  Overflowing, rather.

I cannot believe how fast the time has flown since I first held you in my arms.  Over the past month I have just been making such an effort to soak up your little self.  So most every time you say in your sweet voice, "Momma hold me".... I've been dropping it all to do just that.  Because 2 -3more years I probably won't....because you won't want me to.  I try to memorize everything you say and how you say it....however impossible that is.  And while sitting in my lap, I hold your soft little hold it back.  I try to imprint the vision of your sweet little feet in my mind so that I will remember 20 years from now that yes- you were that small.

Although you are only 2.....I think you think you're 4!  You adore your big sister and I love that your personalities, while different, completely meld together.  I hope ya'll will always be the best of friends.

You are just such a joy and make our days brighter.  We love you more than you'll ever know.  Looking forward to all that your third year brings!



Viv said...

The video brought sweet tears to my eyes, Parker @ the Dr. office worrying about her sister brought more, then her Mommy's words to her again brought tears. But all in all still made me smile! Those two years went fast and I think about how fast David's kids grew up as well as you three. Our own grandchildren are growing so very fast, time just flies! Happy Days though, very Happy Days!

Milstead said...

Happy birthday, sweet Grace! I miss you all!


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