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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Fever

My friend, Emily, came over for lunch and brought her 6 week new baby girl for a visit.  Ahh the days when you could take them out of the car and walk into place.....clanking around....talking......and the baby would stay asleep!

Oh my.  Could she be any sweeter?

And those ishy squishy cheeks?

Elizabeth slept til we were done with lunch (so nice of kids could take some pointers).  And then I got to feed her a bottle.

Grace was SO into her.  It was so sweet.  Parker was the same with Payton when she was born....but really, Grace has not been around any babies.  She's been the baby.  She wanted to touch her so badly.  And she would even lean in to kiss her without us telling her to.

And she wanted to help burp, too.  (yes- she has no clothes on.  she rarely does.  parker was the same way at this age.  it is a bit entertaining, and trust me when i say that we do offer multiple times....because it's cold!  but she loves to walk around with only a diaper!.....except when it's time to go to church....and then....and only then will she sporadically rip off  her diaper....put on some underpants she found from the pile of clean clothes on the living room floor that were in need of being folded....and then proceed to tell you that she needs to 'poopoo' and sits on the potty for 20 minutes and does 'tee tee' but never 'poopoos'...and then makes you about 20 minutes late.

I digress.

Emily and Elizabeth...

No.....I don't have baby fever.  Why do you ask?

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