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Friday, January 27, 2012

Never before seen footage: Thanksgiving Eve 2010

It's already a little hard to remember....but this was from the day before Thanksgiving of 2010. Yes- you read that right. 2010.

I uploaded these pictures not long after Thanksgiving happened that year, then never posted.  But I am now.  I also have a post from Thanksgiving day of 2010, but I have to find it.  ;)


So I saw lots of posts that year (this was before Pinterest, mind you.....or at least before I knew about it)....of these cute little turkeys made out of oreos, reese's, and candy corns.  I don't know how it hapapened....but somehow, Geoff was the one that got stuck making them.  Parker helped a bit.

Oh my goodness.  Parker's hands are so much smaller and squishier than they are now!

Maybe this baby (Grace) is the reason Geoff got stuck making them!  ;)  I miss that baby!  See this picture makes me want to go pick her up.  She's so big now.

"Can I have this?"

I made apot of chili and we made Frito pie.  It was a nice day out....not too hot or we sat outside and had lunch.

We made handprint turkeys......

It was a little challenging doing her 10 month old hand....

I did get some pictures of the finished product, but those are from Thanksgiving day.  So hopefully I'll be back to post those pictures.  I remember there were some good ones.  And hopefully it won't be in 15 more months!  ;)

This is one of the first times Grace went down the slide.  She had gone down it great with Parker when only I was outside with them and I didn't have the video camera out.  Then I tried to get them to do it again....this time Geoff helping and me filming....and he let her go a litle too far...


Viv said...

oh my, loved going back with those girls! Thanks for sharing!

Jodie said...

I am always saying "I'm gonna miss this baby" about Ashley because they do grow so fast and cuddling with a 7 year old isn't the same as a 14 month old. Love the pictures!

Kristin said...

Love looking back at those pictures!!! So little!! UGHH they grow too fast!

Kristin said...

I keep watching the videos over and over again.. it makes me laugh. They were both so little!

The Lindsey Family said...

What a lovely family!


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