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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a little menu planning....

I don't do this often.  Although I would like to.

But yesterday morning, I needed to run to the bank.  Then decided I needed to run to the grocery store.  So instead of just picking up a few things that would just 'get us through' the day and maybe the next- I decided to do a quick search of some cheap, easy, and good recipes.  I didn't have much time, but wanted to have a comprehensive that we were not running back to the store a few times in the week (like we usually do).

It was rainy and I had both girls, so I also wanted to make the trip quick.  I tried to pick recipes that I only needed a few more ingredients for.  Oh yeh- and they had to be easy.   Did I already say that?

Ok- so if you are in a rut like me....need some new easy ideas- I thought I'd share.  I have not tried all of them so I can't necessarily attest to the taste, but just thought I'd share what we were planning for our week.

First up- Black Bean Chicken Quesadillas- we actually made these tonight.  They were pretty good- and healthy, too.  We used wheat tortillas.  I think next time I'll use more cheese, though.  The recipe doens't call for a certain amount of anything- you just add what you want, but I was thinking a little more cheese would have made them a little better (although not as healthy, I suppose!).

For tomorrow- {and this is definitely not healthy, but looks really good!}- Dorito Casserole

We will probably eat leftovers for lunch on Wednesday and then eat up at the church Wednesday night.  It's taco night and the girls ate it pretty well the last time.

Thursday we'll probably try this- Sundried Tomato Basil Chicken.  This is a crockpot meal....just chicken and a bottle of Kraft Sundried Tomato Basil dressing.  Then I'm going to make some brown rice, and steam some frozen vegetables.  Fairly healthy.  Maybe this night will make up for Tuesday.  ;)

Friday we are planning to visit friends out of town....and Saturday morning will be Grace's birthday gathering...and Saturday night might just have to be a order-in night.  We'll see.  I also bought stuff for beef tacos, but I forgot about taco night at church, so I guess that will probably end up being a meal sometime during the weekend or next wee.  Regardless-I call it a good week to have 3 meals planned. Definitely a step up from the 0-1 I usually have planned.  ;)

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