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Sunday, January 1, 2012

From my phone.

I haven't taken the time to sit down and post our pictures from the phone, but as I've said many times- these are some of my favorites and I don't want to forget them.  These are from the past 2 weeks {not as many as you'd think ;) }

Geoff sent me this text one day at work....

Here are the actual pictures posted to be visible...

I have had the opportunity to work day shift for the past 2 weeks and I have loved it.  {not the work part} but the DAY part.  ;)  It's allowed me to start getting these fun texts where I can see what my girls are doing while I'm gone.


I got this picture one night from Geoff in a text saying "We love you..."


Before brushing teeth....Geoff was able to get Grace's hair in an actual pony tail...that's not on the top of her head.

She liked it.  ;)


I had seen these knit/socks/slippers at Target and thought they were so cute, but ended up not getting them.  I mentioned them to Geoff...and so one day that I was working, he took the girls and got them for me.

They look pretty cute on Parker, but not on me.  I was hoping they would go over sweats.  Don't know what I was thinking. 


More pictures from Geoff while playing at the park...


After Santa came.....

Crazy hair....

Love these!  Also sent to me by Geoff....

Grace still has a hard time moving in her car.  But I think they've got this worked out!


Special treat from Sprinkles.....


Geoff stayed home sick most of the week.  The day I was off- I decided to try out PW's chicken soup.  We had nothing for it, so the girls and I went to Tom Thumb.  We went down the chip aisle to get some chips for me to take to work on New Year's.....and Parker hopped out of the cart so fast and grabbed these....

I do not normally buy the things that the girls pick up because it's usually junk and we don't need it.  But for whatever reason- I didn't mind these.  These are probably my all-time favorite chip, but rarely get them.  When I was little- and the few times we were allowed to buy a small bag of chips at the gas station- I usually picked these.  And so I kind of love that Parker loves them, too.

And I think Grace likes them now, too.

{I cannot confirm, nor deny, that this whole bag was eaten by me and my girls within one hour of getting home.}


Viv said...

wonderful pictures. Sorry to hear that Geoff was sick tho. He sure takes sweet pics of the girls for you and I love the fact that he text those to you. So sweet and thoughtful!

Megan said... Those are probably my all-time fav too! Never buy them for that exact reason that they would be eatin in probably 2.2seconds. Ha! ;-)


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