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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning.....

I actually set my alarm Christmas morning so that we could go in and wake Parker up.  This hardly ever happens and she loves it when it does.

We opened presents.  Ate a good breakfast.  And made it to church.  On time.  ;)

After church we headed to my  Dad and Kay's.

I made the cheese balls and the toffee crack.  I made 3 cheese balls because I love them.  And because I never make them except for special occasions.  I made this one, this one, and another one I can't find the recipe for.

Parker did not wear this Rapunzel dress to church.....but she did wear that head piece.  ;)

My dad....

Aunt Kasey and Grace

Kristin and Dad

We ate delicious filets.  Since Christmas....he has gotten a new grill....and is already planning to add lobster to the menu for next year.  I told him that I think he should practice sometime soon and we should come to test it all out.  ;)

Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil and Payton

Dad made a blackberry cobbler in a cast iron Dutch oven....then placed it in this and placed hot coals all around it.

This is what they do when they go to the deer lease.  They make lots of good food.

Seems like I got pictures of everyone but us. ;)

Aunt Kasey and Uncle Brian

Papaw & Gran

Uncle Brian

THE blackberry cobbler....

Payton got a trunk of dress up clothes from us.  The girls changed clothes I don't know how many times...

So this wraps up all of our posts on Christmas 2011.  Yay!!!  ;)

1 comment:

Viv said...

Wonderful pics and memories and as usual all the food pics made me hungry!


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