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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

We woke up Christmas eve....loaded up the car....and headed to my mom's for brunch.

Again- pictures in no particular order....and was kind of early.....  :)

All these girlies love their Aunt Aubrey.  Grace would have nothing to do with me, little stink!  And after breakfast....they (mostly Parker, I think)...abducted her camera and took SO many pictures!  I think the battery ran out before she left.  Sorry Aunt Aubrey!!

We had so much food and it was so good.  So good, in fact, that now I am going to have a breakfast brunch for Grace's 2nd bday party.

At least the girls got quite a bit of fruit in before all of the sweets!

Parker loves bacon. She already had several piece before breakfast began, and then I don't think she really ate anything during breakfast.

This is a breakfast pizza and I think it was the favorite of the morning.  I might make it this weekend and if I do, I'll post the recipe....

Stuffed french toast casserole...

Trying to get a family pictures is always an adventure... ;)

I guess these helicopters were all the rage this Christmas.  I saw/heard of several people that got them.  Terry ended with this gift from the gift exchange we do with the adults.

After brunch- we headed home for naps.  Ha!  I wish.  But no- we headed home to do a few more things before Christmas.  I think once we got home it was already a little past Grace's nap time and so we just kept her up.  More to come!

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