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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011. Welcome 2012.

I've been somewhat writing this in my head for about a week now, and so I figured I best go ahead and write it out now....or try to write it out....before the moment passes me by and my thoughts and feelings are fleeting.

So 2011.

When trying to sum up the year in a few words/phrases/sentences (ok, ok...paragraphs- you know me too well)....I guess I would definitely have to say it's been a great year.  We are abundantly blessed beyond what we deserve.

But it also can't go without saying that it's been a hard year.  And in a way- glad it's over.  ;)  I don't wish to wish the time away- this {very} short time that my girls are little.  But I can't lie and say that I'm not counting the days that I am out of my contract either.  ;)  And I'm pretty sure Geoff is, too!

2011 brought me a new job in a new career.  Something that I had been working toward for a few years prior- because I felt it was what God had called me to do.  And again- last year- when every ounce of my mother's heart and soul did not want to return to work- I again felt God's hand leading me just that way.

And so here I am....1 year into working, and we survived.  God know's best and I am thankful when He gives me peace, comfort, and strength when I need it most.

But in other news of 2011....Grace learned to walk (yes- that was this year- even though it seems like she has always walked).  Grace turned one. Parker turned four {still getting used to this}. And umm....basically the rest was just survival- adjusting to our mostly opposing schedules.  Finding our new normal.

So for 2012.  I am looking forward to a new year.  A new year with new joys and new challenges.  We are settling in to our new 'normal'.  It just took a little longer than I thought.  ;)

When I began reflecting on this past year about a week ago.....and looking forward into the new year.....with new resolutions.  I came up with one.  And I can't really put my finger on one particular sentence.....but it is definitely one main idea:

  • To slow down.  Give myself a break.  Don't expect to accomplish so much in such little time.  Realize that I can no longer do as much as I did when I stayed home (and really- if I stayed home, I may get more of the things I 'want' to accomplish done....but my list would just be longer).  Don't let this one. life. pass me by trying to do all of this 'stuff'.  

And so today as I was getting ready to put 'pen to paper'....the story of Jesus, Mary and Martha popped into my head and so I thought I'd share......

Now as they went on their way, he entered a certain village, where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. She had a sister named Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to what he was saying. But Martha was distracted by her many tasks; so she came to him and asked, "Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her then to help me." But the Lord answered her, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her" (Luke 10:38-42).

It seems easy just slow down.... to get rid of the distractions.....but it has still been sort of a struggle when I come up with an idea in my head of something I want to do....then think about it for a bit- only to then step back and say 'no, that's too much for right now.'  

I want to 'do it all'....but just can't.  It's impossible.  

And I am already happier- more at peace- just admitting it.  Putting it in writing.  

And just working at living this one life we've been given.


Happy New Year ya'll!


Viv said...

Don't know how you do all that you do so I certainly think you should not sweat the small stuff. You have a wonderful family and home and that's all that really matters!

Megan said...

I admire you so much! I don't know how you do all you do either. Congratulations on a year of success, survival, and just doing all you could to be such an awesome working mommy and wife! Proud of you my friend! I know it is so hard!

I agree with your "slow down" goal. Certainly one of mine too. And maybe mine isn't slow down, but certainly take advantage and enjoy life's "moments".


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