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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week's menu:

So I've been trying to stick with a strict budget and menu planning.  This will be our 3rd week and I am so happy that we've stuck with it.  I know it's always easier when we first start doing things like this....and then over time...we become lazy or too busy.  But I really hope we stick with this because we have saved so much money....and eventhough we aren't eating the healthiest, I still think I have lost a few pounds.  Fattening foods at home just don't seem to be as fattening as fast food.  That- coupled with the fact that I usually don't place as much food on my plate as restaurants do....and I don't usually get seconds.

This week took me a little long to plan because I am working 6 out of 8 it had to be stratetigic in the difficulty and mess factor.  I also have to make sure it's something that I am at least half way looking forward to....otherwise, it's extra easy for me to just say, "ohhh....let's just pick something up."

This week is also good because several of these recipes are halved and frozen for another meal to have in a few weeks or next month.

So anyway- here is our menu for this week:

Cheese and chili enchiladas (made in 2- 8" aluminum square for eating and one to freeze for later) salsa, rice, beans, salad (we just got a tub of mixed greens already washed....made ranch dressing from the Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch dry seasoning pack....and the intention is to have a little side salad with most meals....the girls even eat the salad!)

Lasagna (also made in 2- 8inch aluminum square pans, one for now and one to freeze), salad, and olive cheese bread (I had all the ingredients except for the French bread which costs just a little over a dollar.....and I will cook half, and freeze half.

Monday night Geoff will grill hamburgers....and I am going to attempt to make PW's french fries.  Since he'll have the grill fired up....I am going to have him grill us some chicken to put on salads the next day.

Which brings us to the next meal....Grilled Chicken Salad.  We'll use the mixed greens, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, and cheese.  The girls will probably eat some leftovers or some of our chicken and salad as well.

And a Taco Ring...served with this salsa, sour cream, and salad.

Notice: I didn't put days beside them here because it is ever evolving.  It never fails....I will have each day planned out....and I still sorta do....but sometimes, depending on what's going is easier to make certain things on certain days.  Also keeping in mind if I need leftovers for lunch the next day or not.

And for breakfast throughout the week....I thought we'd try these egg muffins {another recipe that we already have all of the ingredients for}

If you're in a meal planning rut, I hope this helps!


Snider Family said...

I am so in a rut! I plan our meals too and I have found a ton of good recipes on Pinterest. But I am over everything. I feel like everything is the same....chicken, rice and black beans. Chicken, corn and diced tomatoes and beans. Meat, tomatoes, corn and beans! ha!

I am searching tonight for a few more. I would love to grill, but we don't have ones here. And I made Lasagna and Meatloaf last week. Keep posting them though, I love the ideas!

Viv said...

You are so smart and organized. I have no excuse whatsoever for not planning them in advance. Need to eat healthier as well as not 'out' so much! You do have such great ideas though!


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