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Monday, January 23, 2012

a cozy afternoon

I worked this past weekend.  I'm sort of going through a working 'binge'-if you will-.  By Saturday I will have worked 9 out of 13 days.  Meaning work 3, off 2, work 3, off 2, work 3.  Taking into consideration that I have to flip between days and nights.  And the days I work really take up the whole 24-hr period....with the 12 hr shift + the commute.  Not much other than work gets done on work days.  I'm exhausted (aren't we all though!).

Anyhow- the point is not to complain....but that it will all be worth it because come Saturday....I will be off for 15 straight days!  One of the perks of being a nurse is that we can often times trade our schedules.  I only took 3 days off of work....then moved my schedule around....and voila!  Fifteen days off.  And I can't wait.  Thrilled is an understatement.


So I woke up this afternoon and let Geoff rest his eyes for a bit.

Parker wanted to paint...and on the way to the office decided she didn't want to paint, but to play with the shaving cream instead.  Whatever is fine by me.

She said it was her snow.

Geoff wasn't down for long and got up and offered to make brownies with Parker.

Around 3:40 I went and opened Grace's door to let her kind of wake up on her own.  She's usually in a better mood this way.  If I actually go in there and stand over her crib while she wakes....she's usually on the whinier side.

Today- she was in a great mood!  (getting this genuine smile by holding Pot-a-hontus up over the camera)

We planned to have hamburgers for dinner tonight since Geoff would be home to grill.  It was a beautiful day and we had the windows open.  The girls and I played while Geoff cooked....

You see- I kind of like having a dessert on hand.  It's called lev-er-age.  ;)

I had planned to make PW's french fries, but took a short cut and just baked ours (I did cut fresh potatos and let them soak in water for a few hours before baking)....and then at the last minute decided to add cheese since we had bacon, chives, and jalapenos, too.  Oh- and the semi-homemade ranch dressing!

A variety for the kids.

Happy Monday all.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

The plate of food looks yummy!! Man I could go for some cheese fries right now!!!!!!!!!


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