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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

playing 'order' & counting 'money'

This new 'game' we started playing was completely accidental, and I love that it happens that way.

Parker is in the stage right now where she is pretending SO much.  She has been pretending for a quite some time (like Grace pretends now some, too)....but just with each day, week, and month, she just amazes us at what she does.  And I know it's just your normal, natural growing, but it astounds me nonetheless.  And I enjoy it so much.

So anyway- for some reason we had stored her St. Patrick's day sensory tub on top of the refrigerator.....and one day last week she asked us to get it down.  Sure.  Why not?

Turns out- there were all of these fake gold coins and such.  One thing led to another and we were playing 'order.'

She'd drive up in her car.  Order what she wanted.  I'd tell her how much....

She'd have to count out how much for each item.....then, at the conclusion of her sale.....she'd have to count all of the coins....which had her counting into the thirties (which she still needs help with because I have slacked and not really done this much, if at all)....

Then she'd be off!

Little sis tried to play along.  So cute how she still can't really 'drive' herself in the car.  So she just hopped out and pushed it along.....

She started running out of money.  So she had to go to work to make some.  ;)  I basically got her to pick up all of her stuff.  We only played this part of the game this one time.  She wasn't all that into 'earning' the money back.  Ha!

Later that evening- she wanted to play 'order' again.  So we did.  But poor Grace wants in on the action, too.  And is usually "in the way" in Parker's we find ways for her to play, too.

So she was our grocery bagger.  And loved it!

Right here she is saying, "It heeeavy!"

She's full service, too.  Loading it all up in the back end of her truck.  ;)

The next day I changed the game a bit.  Parker had to drive to the store and park.  Then use her shopping cart to go shopping.  Grace was still the bagger and we still had a great time.

I'd tell her we could play quick game of order then I would need to do something (like make lunch, fold the laundry, etc). 

Then I figured out she was filling her cart FULL so the game would last forever.  Ha!  I guess I don't blame her....

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Viv said...

Love it! They are so smart!


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