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Saturday, January 28, 2012

let vacation begin.

So I finished up work last night and will now have 15 days off!  I'm a little excited, if you can't tell.

I worked the past 3 nights and was just so exhausted.  Thursday and Friday mornings I could barely stay awake on the drive home.  It was miserable.

I overslept on Friday afternoon.  Just kept pushing snooze for 40 minutes and had no idea I did until I finally woke up.

But this morning came and I had an extra boost of energy.  It helped knowing that I would not be going back to work for a while.  :)

So as a treat and to start our vacation off right....I stopped on my way home for donuts.  The girls love them (and so do I)....but we've been really good about not getting them much lately.

I got my phone ready for pulling into the driveway.  Parker usually hears the garage door open and runs to the door and opens it.  She's usually giddy, smiling....saying "Mommy, Mommy!" and bouncing all around.  It's pretty sweet, I'll have to admit.  But tugs at my heart all the same.

Anyway....this was her face right as she opened the door...

Grace ate her donuts standing up.  She was bouncing off the walls, too.  The girls are generally happy, regardless of who is home with them.  But when we are both home....they just seem overjoyed.  Just as we are.

I get them chocolate with sprinkle covered donut holes.  Grace likes to just eat the chocolate and sprinkles then put them back in the bag.  Which is fine until she has to really start doffing for them,

An already half-eaten one...

Still searching....

"I dot {got} it!"

I slept really good until 3pm....which is a little later than I normally do when I am going to 'flip' back to days.  But I just felt I really needed a little extra sleep.

And to finish off the day....we headed to Snuffer's again for dinner.

Parker and Geoff played tic-tac-toe.  I'm usually a sucker and let her win.  He lets her win some, but she loses, too.  Although I haven't had the heart to do it...I do think it's good for her because when she does figure out how to play the'll be because he didn't always let her win.

And love this one.....Parker with my sunglasses...

Just me and my oldest gal...


Looking forward to some time off.  I've started lists of things I want to get accomplished but feel overwhelmed because I know time is still limited and will probably only get a small chunk done.  Regardless- my number one goal is to enjoy it!

Now....getting off the computer to watch Moneyball with Geoff.  Should be fun!



Vivian said...

Yes enjoy! Enjoy a very well deserved vacation. Moneyball was a GREAT movie!!

Viv said...

great pics! Indeed enjoy your time off too!

Dana Brunner said...

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