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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a day with my girlies...a day at the zoo

With this wonderful winter spring weather we have been having early this was a perfect day to visit the zoo. We got a family pass this year and haven't really used it's time now to get our money's worth before the hot, hot, hot days of summer arrive.

 I must warn...there are lots of pictures because I'm just in one of those moods to include them all. Even if it is the same picture over and over again.  ;)

The day started out good.  Grace slept in a bit...and Parker helped me make our picnic lunches.  It was so nice having all of this done before Grace was out to  'help', too.

I even made this for breakfast...

Arriving at the zoo......right on time!!   {Jodie- maybe one time I will be on-time when we get together!  ;) Actually- 2 minutes before opening.  This never ever happens so I had to take a picture.

Trying to get a picture of all the kids....  I always love these.

Megan offered to take a picture of the girls and I and I was so glad she did because I am so bad about it.  And of course....Parker was having nothing to do with it.  Grace wasn't too keep either.  But I told her to take them anyway because this is just how it is sometimes.  And when I was going through these pics, I had no idea she had taken so many...and again- I am so glad she did.  I love these.  Thanks Megan!

Megan and Hayden...

Shada and Addisyn....

Great picnic spot in the shade....the kids were able to run and run...

Payton will not look at me for anything!  I started just taking her picture more and more because it amused me that she would. not. look. at. me.

**my girls are looking more and more alike as the days go least i think so***

**and these cute minnie mouse tees will be available in the shop soon.  we are working on lots of new and super cute things!***

This pic makes me laugh out loud.  She would not look at me.  ;)

She will go down the slide this way by herself all day long....but when she sits up and goes down the normal way she wants me to hold her hand.  She's so sweet when she asks too.  And I love holding her sweet little hand.

We came home.  I laid Grace down for a nap.  Parker watched an episode of Dora and then we played on the trampoline together for a bit.  It was a good time.

We woke up Grace around 4:15ish....and took a looooong time to get ready and in the car for church (this is usual....we just can't seem to be 'on time' for Wednesday dinner).

And maybe this had something to do with it.  My mom made them these cute shirts and I just wanted to get some cute pictures of them in them.....these'll have to do!

(And yes- I am bribing them with m&ms at this point so they are 'tolerating' me.  hahaha)

**and I can see that I need to clean my walls, as well.  funny that i walk past this umpteen times a day and only notice this on pics.  and what is this, by the way???"***

I am just really loving these girls these days.  I guess all days I do....but man....I am just really soaking them up here lately.  Not missing a moment.  Or at least trying not to.  ;)


Kristin said...

Great pictures!! And good job on the breakfast. Phil would be jealous! LOL

Viv said...

Loved all the pictures and glad you all had a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather that's getting ready to change back to winter.

Sherri said...

Whoop Hoo for the zoo!
Your pictures are priceless...I love kids...they make everything perfect!
My favorite are the pictures with you and your girls...adorable!


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