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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visiting Granny....

Kristin, Payton, the girls and I visited Granny this past Friday. It was a good visit like they all are.  And long overdue.  I really do enjoy our time with my granny.   Looking forward to more trips in the near future!

It's kind of funny to think back....but when we used to visit....we'd load up the car with a basket of toys....anything to keep them 'entertained' while there. And we've come to a new point where our girls are getting older and they have started to entertain themselves. Fun and sad all at the same time because they're just growing so fast. Between me and Kristin....we have no babies in diapers....which is something that we haven't had in over 4 years. Just a weird new normal. Not bad, just different.

Kristin posted lots more pictures than me....including some great ones of me attempting to kick balls for the girls to go fetch.  ;)  But I wanted to at least post these few that I did get for memory's sake.

1 comment:

Sherri said...

This post made me homesick...we don't live by any family...and I wish my kids could visit their grandparents more often!
Looks like a great visit!


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