Friday, February 10, 2012


 Not many photos this week, but don't want to forget them nonetheless!


Snuggling for a bit with his girlies before Grace's nap and Parker's 'quiet time.'


Grace 'talking' on the phone.  So fun to hear and watch.


Playing with our new 'play dough kits' I hope to post about sometime soon.  ;)


Kristin and I (mostly Kristin) used to play with these old cars when we were little.  We would actually play 'house' with the cars.  We would talk like a mom and say stuff like, "No...we don't have time to go there now, we have to go home.  Don't throw a fit."  And let me tell is SO fun to watch Parker do the same instinctively.  She will have the same conversations similar to ones we had over 20 years ago!


life rearranged


Viv said...

They sure do make me smile! Smile looking at the blog but really smile when we get to see them in person! It was great!

Holly said...

Cute! I love the talking on the phone photos! :)


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