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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Play Date

I really debated on even posting these because I seriously get a D- for my picture taking.....but I decided to post them nonetheless.

Last Wednesday we had a little Valetine's play date.  I had intended to take lots of pictures (as I always intend to do...) but alas, I did not.  There were a few people I never even got pictures of...lots of great food that I didn't take pictures of....just missed lots of things.....

Trying to get a picture of the 3 of them is virtually impossible!

The girls gave mason jars of 'chocolate' play-dough as their valentines this year.....



I sewed these strips of paper together the night before. I really like sewing paper and I foresee more of this in my future.

Baby Elizabeth.  My friend, Emily, just had her in November and I am excited to now include her in our playdates!

Delicious mac-n-cheese and these pinwheels (and the strawberry brownie dessert) from Emily.

Other delicious food not pictured.....Megan's buffalo chicken dip and strawberry cookies....and Shada's layer dip.  I have to admit....I filled my plate 3 times!

And Megan made these cute valentines where the kids got to pick their fruit and had these cute little tags.

Next time....there will be more pictures!!!  ;)

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