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Friday, February 24, 2012


From the week.....


I posted a little more in detail about our trip to the zoo...but here are a few of the pictures from my phone...

I was on time!  With two minutes to spare!!!  ;)  This never happens.

Before we left we rode the carousel.  The girls love this.  We save it til the end.....

Again...Payton would not look at me.....


After the zoo, we came home and Grace took a nap...then we headed to church.  I think I've mentioned it before....but we go to church Wednesday nights....we usually eat dinner....then we take Parker to choir around 5:45.  AWANA starts at 6:30....and I help with the 3rd-6th grade I keep Grace with me from 5:45 til AWANA starts at 6:30.  I really cherish this time because it's just me and her....which is rare.  We just walk around the church....really just doing nothing.  But I love that she's becoming more comfortable there.  And I love (and pray) that she will grow up just feeling so comfortable in our church.

Anyway- I snapped a few pictures from our time together........

Digging through my purse......


So we've been in gymnastics for a few weeks now.  We are making progress....but Grace still refuses to do front rolls.  She tells me and different she does not want to do them.  But as long as we continue to make progress in all other areas....then we'll keep her going....;)

**my mom made the girls these gymnastics shirts and they are so adorable!  they'll be added to the shop soon!**


Kristin texted me this pic the other day.  Grace took a nap in Payton's bed....and apparently those princess dolls weren't lined up that way when she put her down.  So at some point....Grace lined 'em up and went to sleep.  And love that bed head!  ;)


I also came home from work one morning and the girls were eating pizza for breakfast.  Nice.  ;)


life rearranged

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Viv said...

Sweet baby Grace is growing up isn't she? I love the new shirt!


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