Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet little feet!

For a while now, every time I feed Parker, she crosses her little legs at her ankles and just looks so comfy! Now, over the past week or so, I have noticed that this is how she sits on the floor and plays. It's just so cute to me! What's even more funny is that I have caught her trying to cross her legs while she is standing! She's just about figured out that this does not work!

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Kristin said...

Marla!! This is Kelly, I looked at the pic of Parker crossing her little legs. I thought OMG that is so how Kristin does her legs when she sits on the floor! Too cute!! She is getting so big and more beautiful everytime I see her. The crib pic of her and Geoff that is awesome. Parker Ann is the cutest!! Love ya :)


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