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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up....

The weekend flew by, as usual! It was pretty low key...I spent most of the day on Sunday studying for an exam I had this morning. Glad that's over! But Saturday was spent running errands and playing around the house.

So....this past Friday, Geoff went over to a friend's house to pick up a really nice jogging stroller that we bought from him for a great price! (Geoff is planning on taking Parker for morning runs when the weather gets a little better....I think she'll really enjoy it). And while he was there, Geoff just so happened to see this little slide thingie that his friend was also interested in getting rid of. So- we really lucked out because we had talked about getting something for the backyard, but didn't want to get a nice swing set until we move into a different home. She seems to really like it. We actually brought it into the house on Saturday (only briefly...not for good!) because Parker was sick (and still is) with a cold and it was pretty windy so we thought it would be better for all to stay inside.

Then we got brave and decided to let Parker try out these new Roll-it painter things.

So we put on her little protective clothing...
and covered her table completely with easel paper. (we also have an easel, but it's still to tall for her now, so we decided to use the table instead)

And began....

Geoff enjoyed himself as well!

Auughhh....Like Father, Like Daughter! Here--both kids.......I mean- Geoff and Parker both paused briefly to check out something really "cool" on Word World at the time. I always say that Geoff can get so mesmorized by the TV... and it looks as though this may run in the family! haha

{Poor baby! Here you can see her puffy eyes due to her cold/allergies/sinuses. She was doing much better today!}

So she did really well. She'd scribble on the paper....then...she would "nonchalantly" try to walk away into the kitchen (and please note that I said try because she never got more than one step away from the table!) or over to the couch...and we could quickly redirect. So after about 10 minutes...the paper was covered....
And we were done!


Kristin said...

Looks like she had a lot of fun. :)

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Oh you think Jackson and/or Garrett got Parker sick? They both had a runny nose last week when you all came over. Man, I feel bad now.

Great pictures!!!! Don't you love days you get to do new things?! So exciting!

Viv said...

Poor Baby, being sick. Glad she's better now. Watching them watch the tv reminds me of some Hollywoods I know, getting mesmerized......Love the fact that she's into art, it's good! She's going to love that slide though!


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