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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Popcicle fun!

On Monday- I took Parker outside to eat her first popcicle ever! She loves crushed ice (which I'm kind of thinking she shouldn't be having because it's hard on the teeth..)...but nevertheless- I had a hunch that she would love popcicles! And I was right!!

So here are a few a gazillion pictures of Parker eating her first popcicle ever. (And the reason you are getting to see so many is because....this is what happens when a tired person wakes up for no reason at all at 5:15 in the morning and is wide awake. Good times.)


Her first bite!

Still kind of in a daze...



So now the popcicle is getting to the point where it's about to fall off of the stick. I'm wondering in my ming what she will do. Then I think, "she'll figure it out...."

...and it happened.... What to do??

Atta girl!!

What else is one to do, but to pick it up and eat it??

And this picture... to me...for some my favorite. It's like her "game face" or something...for eating popcicles. I know...I'm a little on the weird/crazy/dorky side...and I really don't try to deny it.

But now she has come to realize that it's all gone!

But for some reason...recovers very quickly...

Ummm...maybe because I told her she could have another one??

We were just having so much wanted another one,too! but don't worry...she only ate half...and then I took one for the team and ate the rest.
But I will say...we haven't had any since....I think I outdid myself with the 2 and half I ate with her that the 3 that I ate the night before after she had gone to bed.

I think someone once said "Moderation is the key." I think they are right.


Kristin said...

Yum makes me want one!! Good post with all the pictures, I enjoyed it..

Viv said...

No, you are not dorky! I loved the pics, made me want a purple popsicle myself!


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