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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovey's Homecoming

One day last week, we got Parker's 'new' Lovey in the mail.

Parker was happy to see her and all is well in her world now! :)

I can't figure out if she really thinks this is the same Lovey and she just "got washed"?...or if it is a 'new' Lovey.....because sometimes I catch her showing people her Lovey and saying, "Look at my new Lovey!"

As Aunt Sis says..."She not D-U-M-B." (Because we spell that word out as if it were profanity because we don't want little ears to hear, then repeat. :) haha

Anyway- she has been very receptive of her since we got her. For the first few days after she arrived, Parker would say, "She's SO pink! I want her the different pink.".....because we had previously discussed at one point how Lovey was no longer pink, but brown. :)

She would just stair at her.....noticing all of the things that were different. The cleanliness. Her fluffiness. Her pink-ness. The flower on her chest that is crinkly......I didn't even remember that because her 'real' Lovey was not crinkly in the least.

So is back to normal and this Lovey seems to be filling in her big shoes just fine.

Admittedly, however......I can't wait until this Lovey is the 'different pink', too.


Our Family for His Glory said...

So glad the new lovey is working out! :) I don't know what we would do if one of our girls lost their "Bah"- a little lamb!

Kristin said...

Love the new Lovey... But, I too can't wait till she gets a little for dirty.. I will walk past her and then have to do a double take.. HAHA

And yes.. she is not D-U-M-B... I am pretty sure she proved that yesterday by quoting Aunt Sis...

Anonymous said...

No dumys in this family but I sure
am glad Lovey is home safe.
See you tomorrow.

Milstead said...

Oh, this post did my heart good! I love her face in like the third shot when she's holding her! Oh, I'm so happy Lovey is back! The princess dress and shoes totally make this post PERFECTION, btw! :)

Viv said...

God Bless Parker and Lovey, so glad they are reunited.


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