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Friday, October 15, 2010

Patty Cake, Patty Cake!

I remember when Parker was 12 months old.....and I was getting ready to take her to her 1 yr well-visit. I had to fill out the Ages and Stages Questionairre....and one of the items stated something to the extent of..."can your child play 'patty cake'?"

I remember thinking...."Ummm.....nooooo."

I had never taught her, for whatever reason. But I did know that she could clap. And after that I tried to teach it to her, but really.....she wasn't that interested.

So the other was 15 minutes before Grace's morning nap and she was being extra fussy. I wanted to hold her off a little bit I started teaching her "Patty Cake".

And to my surprise....she really took to it! And by the end of the day....she was clapping....and 'throwing them in the pan'!

By the next day....she was even "rolling them up!"

Here is a 15 second video of her doing Patty Cake. She loves to "throw them in the pan" and is so proud of herself! We are, too!


Viv said...

how sweet is that? She is really into it isn't she? Precious baby doll!

Kristin said...

SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

So fun! Love that!

Anonymous said...

Granny loves watching the patty cake girl. It's wonderful hope to
see you soon.
Parker I'm sorry I missed your BD

Our Family for His Glory said...

Oh- how ADORABLE!! What a sweetie! :)


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