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Saturday, September 6, 2014

homeschool: the first week

I feel like I have been dragging these posts out and fully realize this is probably of no interest to most….but I think I'm just sorting out a lot in my head and have come to so many realizations over the past 2 weeks and I just want it all written down.  For myself.  :)

I posted about Grace's first day of preK here….but this post contains the rest of our week…with Parker home schooled her 2 days…and the rest of Grace's Letter of the Week: Aa. (On a side note….I don't think I will be taking this many pictures each week….but for some reason, I wanted to this week.)  

**the pictures are posted in the order that they are taken….so it's often alternates between Parker and Grace.

I am loving Parker's bible curriculum this year.  The Gospel Project.  They watch the videos at school the first day of the week, have activity pages at home the next day,  reinforce the story on the second day at school, and lastly, they journal about various things relating to the lesson.  They also memorize scripture passages each month…it seems SO long for their age at first….but they can do it.  And it's my prayer that these words will truly be hidden in their hearts (and mine, too).

The things Grace is doing are all from the Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum.  (Week one is Letter A.  See our first day here.)

Cutting is one of her least favorite things.  It was something that she always thought she wanted to do, and now that she has the opportunity…it frustrates her.

In the first week, I did let her have some iPad time while Parker and I were doing Math.  This is the one thing I feel like I need uninterrupted…for myself and for Parker because she gets very easily distracted in this area and it's hard to rope her back in.  But this time, what she watched was determined by me….Leapfrog ABCs… wasn't just a free-for-all-watch-whatever-you-want like it was last year.

This is my 'tray-o-supplies' (from Ikea) that, in theory…was supposed to follow me around the house wherever we go to do so school.  Like when we paint….I don't have to carry things back and forth and fill up the countertops in the kitchen…I would just take my handy dandy cart.  Well…it's not really as functional right now as I had originally hoped because…we'll….. I have a 16 month old.  But as I told Geoff last night….I'm not worried….one day I will be able to use this cart as intended.  And truth be told…I'll probably be sad that I can use it and don't have a 16 month old that drags everything off of it.  :)

After lunch….

She likes these pattern block….and so do I.  They just look fun.  :)

And I'm afraid the do-a-dots have lost their luster with this gal.  She'll do them…but not so excited about them anymore….so I'm not sure if I'll keep these in the rotation.

Confession.  That very first day of homeschool with Parker…..I tried to put Grace and Nolan in front of the TV to watch Bubble Guppies.  As you can see….Nolan has no interest in TV (which is a GOOD thing!).  I was so desperate to get our last subject done…in my mind….I just needed a little bit more time.

This might be my favorite picture from the first day….
Nolan pushing around that LOUD toy….Grace spinning in the desk chair while singing….and Parker doing her work.  

And it makes me smile.

The night before our second homeschool day…
Looking at Parker's lesson plans and Grace's lesson plans..trying to plan activities in the best order.

Homeschool Day 2

We started school shortly after breakfast….Parker had a cut and paste activity…..and so did Grace.  Love it when it works out like that.

And this guy was just able to play!  (he's usually good about doing this right after breakfast since he's rested and fed).

Confession #2.  She came down with a cold last week.  And she didn't want to do school and wanted to watch a movie.  So I let her.  Not worth the argument!  (and she didn't really feel well.)


Math.  SO thankful for beginning-of-the-year review to rebuild her confidence (and mine!)

And honestly…about 15 minutes later she came in asking to do school.

Just to note…she can count to 30 (she skips 20 sometimes)…..but can actually identify few numbers.  It will be so fun to see her growth this year!

Smallest to Largest.  We had a little problem that first day…but we did it together 1-on-1 the second week and she did great.

And our ABC book craft (we plan to add a letter craft each week to her ABC binder).

That face.  Love this girl.

Adding our letter A to the coconut tree! (and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)

Her favorite thing was lacing the apple.  She did this at least 5 times.  She pretended she was sewing.  :)

And Parker's reading.  Geoff and I say it a few times a week, "When did she get so big?"

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