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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding a swimsuit...

No longer are the days where I can just log on to the computer, stroll to and order my swimsuit...when I already knew my size and the style that looked decent on my body type...where the only real decision being made was finding the color and design of my liking. I have now had a baby, and with that, comes a new body. I have managed to make it down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but that weight has distributed itself to new places. So I have been putting off the whole finding a swimsuit thing for the mere fact that I have been dreading it. Well- swim lessons for Parker begin on Monday and I will be getting in the water with her. Knowing full well that most swimsuits are picked over, we set forth on an adventure today to try and find one. This is interesting on many levels because now, not only am I looking for a suit that looks somewhat decent on my body, I am looking for one that does not make me look like I am trying to be too young (too revealing), but then again, not too old, one that is, perhaps, fitting for a mom. Luckily, I found one I could live with. I did attempt trying them on at the store, but quickly decided to purchase and try on at home because shopping with a 9 month old has its own adventures in and of itself!


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I love that blog!
I have not even been yet. I keep putting it off. I keep thinking if I wait a few more days, my hips will get smaller and lower....but it isn't happening.

Viv said...

You look Great! Let me know how the swimming lessons are going too!

Viv said...

Plus I cannot believe where the last month has gone! 9 Months old already, where has the time gone? She is a doll baby!


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