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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thank Goodness Tomorrow Is Friday!!! I still have 5 videos to watch tonight on IV fluids, tracheostomy care, and some other fun stuff that I will have a skills check-off for tomorrow, and I have to finish this list of drugs and all there is to know about them. But the thing that gets me through is knowing that tomorrow is Friday! Next week will be the 4th week of school and I will have my first exam (uuughhhhhh). But it will also be the first week that I will have my normal schedule. I will only be in class on Wednesday and then have my clinical on Friday. These past few weeks have just been inundated with skills labs and clinical orientations and blablabla... that I have not been able to get my bearings straight!

So nothing really new has been going on here. Just busy, busy, I am sure that many of you can relate. I haven't even taken any new pictures of Parker this week! :-( I is sad. But I will make up for it this weekend!


Harley Chick said...

As wild as your schedule sounds... I just know in your mind you have it all together! You amaze me!

Besides, I don't think there is anyone that you know that expects more than what you are already doing with this blog.

Take care and stay focused!

tristan said...

Wild schedule huh?

Anonymous said...

Granny says,
Bless you Mom, I can sorta understand pushing, I have worked
on my feet 27 hours this week, good
for an old lady Huh?


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