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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Christmas Card: Past...... and Present

I think it's fun to look back over the years at how our family has changed. One good way to do this, in my opinion, is by looking at our Christmas cards (or at least the pictures that we used on the cards). I've done this for the past 2 just continuing on with the tradition!

Here's how our family has changed....

2006- Our first Christmas that we were married. These were our girls...Lola and Lily.

2007- Our second Christmas together.... we added our baby girl to the mix (Parker at 3 months).

2008- We decided to do a family photo along with some individual photos of Parker (15 months old).


(this card was made using elements by Rhonna Farrer)


I made the card this year using Photoshop.....and our pictures were taken by one of my friend's from college (the first time I went to college), Anna. She is in the Dallas/Fort Worth if you are in the need for a great photographer, check out Laughlin House Photography. She was great with the kids and had a quick turnaround time. I'll be posting more from our session soon, but just wanted to get that out there for the moment!

P.S. I have not mailed out my Christmas cards yet. ;)


Hop on over to walk with me by faith, where she is hosting a Christmas Card Carousal!


Megan said...

Love them all! I love the comparison too! I didn't know you made them! You are so good!

Kristin said...

So cute!!

Faith said...

So pretty! I really like gray/red color scheme.

Thanks so much for joining in the fun! Merry CHRISTmas!!

Milstead said...

These look SO good! Parker's little hands under her face are so cute! Although, Matt and I both agree, there's something amazing about that 2006 picture. She's cozied up between us right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great cards! Merry Christmas!

Viv said...

Can't wait to get the card, it was wonderful!

Mrs. Ramsey said...

Love the cards and the flashback of the old ones, great job MC!

Anonymous said...

They all look great...can't wait to do something similar when I have kids. Have you seen some of the Christmas card garlands on some websites? So cute, and it seems like it would be right up your alley, as you like to look back and see how things have changed. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your card! You did a great job!

Veronika said...

Beautiful card!
What an adorable family!


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