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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Randomness

I'm a few weeks months behind on blogging that I do not even know where to start. Part of me just wants to wipe the slate clean and just start with today. But then there's this other...nostalgic...part of me that wants to include all of this the end of the day- this blog is for me and my family, and mostly, my girls.

Occasionally- I will look back at a post from a year ago or so....and I'll read a post. And it'll be just a normal story....nothing exciting. Nothing that anyone other than me would even care about. But I love that it is there. Written down. To be remembered when we look back.

So here goes.....a whole bunch of randomness. ;)

We've started a new Christmas tradition this year.

I think it took Parker a while to catch on, but she loves it now. And I am just as in love with it. She comes out and looks for him. She talks to him and tells him where she wants him to go the next time (which he may, or may not do). She tells almost everyone that comes over where he is.

Each year- the holidays just keep getting more fun for me! The sharing of traditions, the gift giving, the crafts, the baking, the telling her about the true meaning of Christmas. I just love it.

Here is Fred (that's what we named him) on the first day (Actually- the first day- we read the book and left him in the box...because we couldn't touch him, you know. But this was his first spot that he found upon returning from the North Pole.)

It's been fun taking pictures of him in the various places he sits to 'watch.'

Another special thing about Fred aren't supposed to touch him. If you do- it loses it's magic and he won't be able to fly to the North Pole anymore. Well....for some reason....., Fred decided to sit so low on the Christmas tree that this day was super fun keeping our almost 11 month old, crawling, child away from. ;)

My dining room looks like this.....

My office looks like this......

There have been well-intentioned plans to have cleaned and organized these spaces for about 4 months now. Will it ever be so? Is there someone I can call?

Parker and I have been Christmas crafting....and loving it. I have quite a few more planned (in addition to some baking!)....I really need to get on the ball! I have this inkling to hang up all of her handmade decorations this year on a string over the window. We'll see how that works out....

This is Grace's favorite thing to do. Don't think she learned it from anyone. But she does it all of the time!

And she looks pretty cute doing it!

She has also already started the whole "cheesing thing". It literally cracks me up this face that she makes. But mostly- I just can't get over how she's already figured out that we want her to do something specifically with her smile.....and this is what she does!

Parker wants to join in, too!

Oh....but there's that precious face.

And she's been surprisingly pretty good about not messing with the tree. Something I was a little worried about and had been dreading, but she's used to it now, and really doesn't mess with it  {Oh- and she's started actually pointing at the things she wants a couple of weeks ago instead of just reaching.)

I have this problem with taking pictures in my silver reflecting ornaments.

Parker has discovered games on our phones. I have a love/hate relationship with this because:
a) I actually like some of the educational games for her
b) She enjoys it.
c) It's MY phone....and sometimes I think she forgets this one small, little, tiny aspect of it.

Lord, help me. I love these baby feet.

And this baby. This baby that will be 1 year (ONE) in about 5 weeks.

I had some extra Christmas fabric laying around that we used to make our Christmas dresses with.....

and made this skirt for Grace....
My mom is making her a coordinating onesie tonight! Can't wait to see it!

I love homemade bread.

This was my living room floor yesterday. Yes- this was all clean laundry. And I am happy to report that all but one basket is put away.


Megan said...

I am loving this randomness post!! So real!

Love the pictures in the silver balls! So cool!

The pictures of Grace just make me smile. She is absolutely precious. Maybe she will be Hayden's girlfriend one day. He sure does love her already! :-)

Viv said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics and I just love Fred. Been missing your blog sweet girl but know how busy you are.

Kristin said...

I too LOVE Fred... He cracks me up... it is the most funny when he flew to the bottom of the tree.

And love all the pictures!! Such sweet baby girls, I love them so!!!

:o) mg said...

My dining room looked pretty much just like that (different colored walls though) about 30 minutes ago. And I finally convinced my daughter and her friend that the purple princess castle HAD to be out of my space.

Jessica said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one so behind on blogging. I'm about to do my catching up post(s) starting with Halloween. And don't feel bad, my house looks just like yours. Thanks for sharing :)

oliviadog said...

yes - this is a great post. LOVE the skirt btw.

You really inspire me. I just got a sewing machine and am determined to learn how to use it!

Your photos are, as usual, top notch quality and cuteness.


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