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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Steve.

I think it was this past Tuesday morning that we were all playing outside....enjoying the beautiful weather together.

Parker was off playing by herself. I guess we weren't really paying too much attention.....when we realized she was talking to Steve.

Geoff and I can't remember specific things that she said......but I do remember that we had the door open and I was in the kitchen cleaning up, when I heard Geoff say in an inquiring voice, "Who's Steve???" I chuckled.

It was in this morning.....that Parker took her yellow swing (that we had taken down so that both 'baby swings' could be hanging up).......dragged it to the top of the slide.....and went down the slide on this yellow swing.

Fast forward to yesterday evening.......

Grace was still napping. Geoff had run to Wal-Mart.

I told Parker we could go outside if she put her shoes on. {And just for the record.......she dresses herself these days....except on Sundays. ;) }

So she opens the door while I'm gathering up the monitor and phone and putting my shoes on.......And she peers outside. I stand back looking at her.....when she says, in almost a whisper, "Steeee-ve? Where are you?.........Steve?"

I didn't act like I noticed.

We go outside and begin playing.

Fast forward.....and Geoff's home and starting up the grill. We started talking about "Steve".....and how we don't really know anyone named "Steve" (at least that Parker knows of).......and Geoff informs me that Steve is not just her imaginary friend in the backyard.......but he IS the yellow swing! Ha ha ha!!! Makes me smile just thinking about it. ;) Steve! ;)


And I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and advice on my last post. Grace woke up this morning feeling much, much better! She did have a low grade fever until her afternoon nap.....but then woke up fever free (with the help of some ibuprofen!). By bedtime she was almost back to her complete 'normal' self.

It was kind of odd how abruptly the fever came on....and how lethargic she was.....and how stubborn it was to bring down......and now completely gone? But we are oh so thankful! And I am glad to have spent some up close and personal time with my sweet baby. It was much needed on my end.

Saying, "Cheese!"

She tries SOOOOOOO hard to make that big cheese smile! And I love it!


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Megan said...

Hi Steve! So nice to meet you!

And Parker, by the way, you look fabulous!!!! I am loving that outfit!

PS...I am little jealous about the grilling out! We haven't had a grill in a couple of years. That is a MUST have this summer! :-)

Kristin said...

I pulled up my blog this morning to see if anyone had a post.. I saw "meet Steve" and just stared laughing.. Wasn't sure what you would have wrote.. but I still figured it was going to be funny!

LOVE it!! That's greatness!!!
So glad Grace is feeling better!!

Viv said...

guess it's official then, we have a new family glad that Grace is better. Love her cheesing pics, also love the way Parker dresses herself!

Tracey M. said...

I love seeing what our child's imaginations come up with! Who would've thought Steve was the swing ;) Too cute.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is awesome! I love that she named the swing :)

Happy TTT!

Tracey M. said...

...and I love all the pictures you share! I was also browsing your post from today and hats off to you on the snot bubble. I agree, you HAD to post that (gross or not)!


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