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Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I love Phone Photos

For whatever reason.......I cannot express in words just how much I love it when Geoff or my sister send me pictures of the girls through email or text when I am working. I love it.

And so a week or so ago- I asked myself...."Why do you love these so much?" And not really just.... why do I love them so much....but "Why do I love these so much that I feel the need document them here on the blog??"

And I guess my answer is pretty straightforward.....because it lets me see a glimpse into my girls' days when I cannot be with them.

But almost even more than the pictures.....are the messages that Geoff sends along with the pictures. So I will add captions where applicable.

But is an email he sent one morning, with no pictures, that I absolutely love because it just shows the everyday real conversations we have as parents:


Email Titled: This morning.

Both girls got up at 0800, Parker almost cried cause there was no letter from you (really cause there was no surprise), I let grace feed herself once with her yogurt and she now refuses to let me feed her at all and Parker has been sweet, has eaten all her cereal and has already pooped! Very good morning so far, we miss you and love you.



Eating Mac-N-Cheese at Aunt Sis's (and smiling her face-squinching smile!)


***The rest of the pics and messages below are from Geoff**


Email titled: So sweet.

I've blown my nose several times this morning and she says afterwards "behsue.". So sweet. Parker is still asleep. I know we need pepsi and chips, anything else? Love you


Geoff sent me this picture a few Sundays ago when I had to work and she wore one of the new dresses I made her.


Just waking up from her and nap....and still not too happy!


Email titled: Lovin' Lasagna


Email titled: She's almost eatin all of her pb&J


Email titled: She misses you and wants you to know that she loves you.


I said, "what do you want me to tell mommy?" because I told her I was sending you her pic and that I would add a message. She said, "tell her I shady'o trap." I had no clue what that meant and asked her to repeat it several times but about all I can tell you is shady'o trap has something to do with a map and a steering wheel. She is YOUR daughter!! Goofy all the way!


Parker playing in the sink...


Definitely think this next pic is one of my favorites.......



Grace is playing on the new throw that Granny gave Geoff. (which we all love.....thank you , Granny!)




He took them to the park and let them ride their bikes (well- Grace was pushed in her 3-in-1 trike)......and he took our old/stale bread to feed the ducks. He didn't send me a message with these pics, but I laughed outloud when I saw this next one.........Because I knew that she was not holding the bread to share with the ducks.......rather......she wanted the bread for herself!!!
And I was right......Geoff said she followed him around, whining, until her gave her a piece. ;)


Just some morning pics......


Today at the park......


Hope your dinner is as good as mine momma! We love you


Thank you, Geoff, for being such a wonderful dad. These girls (as well as myself!) are so blessed to have you.


Viv said...

what can you say other than: "PRICELESS"! Thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...

Those are GREAT!!!!


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