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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

it's summertime!


the high temps 'round these parts this week are in the 80s.  and do not get me wrong…i am not complaining in the least.  in fact- the older i get, the more intolerant of the heat i get.  so this weather is actually amazing.  however…my girls (namely parker)…is ready for summertime (for it to be hot) and swimming.

our neighborhood pool opened this past weekend….and due to schedules and weather…we told the girls last week that we would take them swimming on wednesday this week.  well….we woke up this morning and it was 66 degrees and cloudy.  parker was bound and determined, though,….and by 1:30pm…it was 81 degrees and mostly sunny out…and she had worn. us. down.

so father-of-the-year goes to this guy who took his children swimming despite the cooler temps and cold water!  it took some getting used to….but they did eventually.  looove grace's face here.

for the record…this guy walked right up to the water, initially, and would have walked right in if we had not stopped him.  at first, we sat him on the side and he splashed his feet around for a while (it was so cute and i didn't get a picture)….then i gave the ok for geoff to let him stand in the water…and he seemed to like it…until he started walking and lost his balance and fell in.  he was not a fan.  poor bub.

but that's ok because he had fun doing other things.  :)

so it took a bit…but they all finally got 'warmed up' and used to the water.  they swam for almost an hour.  (nolan and i left early for his nap).

the girls haven't had swim lessons yet this year…and parker seems to have picked up where she left off last year….so i'm excited to see how much she learns when she does start lessons next week.  grace will get in the water, so that's a plus…but she's very timid…so also excited for her to have the lessons.


geoff took nolan around in the deep part for a few minutes right before we left.  he didn't seem to mind too much.  it'll be fun to see him in the water when i get in, too, AND when it warms up a bit.

love my boys.

here's to summertime!

1 comment:

Viv said...

Those girls(and Nolan), and y'all are going to have a good time at the pool I'll bet. I'm with you though Marla, has to be a little bit warmer before I would step in.


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