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Friday, May 23, 2014

just because

I feel like this guy definitely doesn't get as many 'just  because' pictures as the girls did.  I also know that I did not have a smartphone when the girls were babies and so I have a lot of grainy, candid phone pictures with Nolan that I ddi not have with the girls.  So maybe that balances out?  Ha.  

Regardless… one afternoon about a month and a half ago…I pulled out my big camera and took some pictures of this little guy 'just because'.  He had just woken up from a nap and was wearing pretty much whatever I found before putting him down.  :)  The girls were in their room playing so he had no distractions.

Lots of pictures.  Too many.  But I just loved them all…capturing his little body and personality at 11 and half months old.

When you give him a phone (or anything that resembles one) and say "hello?"…he will put it up to his ear.  And sometimes he'll start talking, too.

This face!!!

Stirring the soup.

He liked flipping the eye open over and over again.

This was one of his FAVORITE things to do!

And that sweet little foot.


Anonymous said...

So growing up. And my how Granny
could use some of that elasticity in her legs. See how those legs go down. Love ya big guy.

Viv said...

he's so precious, and happy! Such a good, sweet little baby boy!


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