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Saturday, August 2, 2014

another week

another week down.
it's funny…..before i sit down to do these posts…i literally think, "there won't be that many pictures because we didn't really do much this week."
and then i look….and we've done a lot.  just living life.

-backyard play time earlier in the week when it was still HOT!

-2 very happy sisters because we were finally able to track down Elsa dresses!

-our 3.  i look at this picture and just get this feeling in my gut…love them so much there are no words to describe it.

-we were missing daddy at work one morning and sent him a picture letting him know how much we love him.

-the kids and i ate dinner at my moms 2 nights this week…and for dessert i was going to run up to braum's for everyone.  well- i left my wallet at home and poppa was nice enough to treat us all.

 -our friend, gibson, came over to play.  we love him and can't wait til he comes back.
although his momma, amy, and i are already asking for prayers for fear that this is a 'flash forward' of what's to come in 15 more years.  these boys look like trouble!

-the weather turned unseasonable cooler toward the end of the week..and so we rode bikes/walked a couple of nights this week.  it was nice to get out of the house this time of the year, and for it to not be so unbearably hot.

i'm thankful for an empty school parking lot just up the street so that the kids can walk and ride freely and safely.

-our shadows

-one day..grace steered the car and nolan pushed her around…they made circles from kitchen to living room…over and over….for 20 minutes!

-eating spaghetti.  and just loving his faces.  his 'cheese' face.  where does he get this?  grace did the exact same thing.

"hey nolan….say cheese."  and i get this.  :)

-i've been promising the girls i'd take them to the farmer's market for a while, and today we finally made it happen.  they've been before with geoff, but this was my first time.  and i loved it.  if we weren't going out of town, i would have gotten a lot more.

the girls shared some fresh-squeezed lemonade sweetened w/ honey.  tasty!  they also shared a chocolate filled croissant.

we got a pint of strawberries.

-getting ready for vacation….we needed pedicures, of course. (these are 2 lucky little girls, that's for sure)

-i got the wild and crazy idea to make family vacation t-shirts.  i really like how they turned out for what they are…shirts we will probably wear once.  :)  the guys are thrilled. {enter sarcasm}  but they're amusing us and say they'll wear them, too.  :)

-and….we're mostly packed and ready to head out!

the girls are excited….we are excited….and nolan has no clue what's going on.  ha!
praying for safe travels and looking forward to some fun and maybe a little relaxing.

1 comment:

Viv said...

Love all the pictures as usual! Love the t-shirts too! Made my day as usual! Makes me smile and be so happy!


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