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Friday, August 15, 2014

Family Vacation: Galveston 2014- Day 3

On this morning….the guys (Geoff, my brother-in-law and brother) got up and headed out early to go bay fishing.  My sister, the kids, and I stayed inside for the morning.  It was nice to have a slow morning and just eat breakfast and be able to put Nolan down for his normal morning nap.

Meanwhile….Geoff sent me a few pictures of their bay fishing adventures.


Phil (my brother-in-law) and Brian (my brother)

My brother caught a shark…and this one was his.

And Geoff also caught a shark!  My brother used his camera and I think it fogged up when he pulled it out to take this, so this is the best quality we have.  Boo!

And here's a shot of all the fish caught by the whole boat.

Between my brother and Geoff's sharks…we ended up with about 6 lbs of shark meat!  Brian grilled a couple of filets and they said it tasted good, and I'll just take their word for it.  And then he froze the rest.

**Interesting trivia…..frozen fish sticks are made primarily out of shark.

Around lunch time, Kristin's sister-in-law, (and my friend, too!) Kelly, came up from Houston to visit with us and spend some time at the pool. 
The pool wasn't the best (and even looked a little greenish)….but it had a good portion of the pool where Payton and Parker could touch so this was helpful.  And they really enjoyed it, too!

Getting all 6 kids dressed and sun-screened and down the stairs and up the stairs was a feat!
 *Paisley, Payton, Nolan, Parker, Landry, Grace

The guys got back about 20 minutes or so after we made it to the pool which was perfect timing for them to take some pictures and then take the babies back up to the condo for a nap.

The babies were worn out and so after about an hour and a half or so…we headed back up to the room for rest time.  All kids took a nap this day!

After naps, we got dressed and headed to dinner at this Mexican food place and it was so good (I don't remember the name!).  I had the waiter take this picture right when we got our food which I should't have done because we all had food in our mouths!  But memories….ha!

Since we had been out late the first 2 nights…we wanted to get the babies in bed at a normal time.  So after dinner, we headed back to the condo, got settled in, and then put the babies to bed.

And then it was game night!  Fun times.  We need to do these more often, for sure!

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Viv said...

Glad the guys had some luck with their fishing! Not sure I've eaten shark but I probably would not have tasted it either!


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