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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nolan @ 18 months

what he's doing now….

+Adding new words every couple of days it seems.  And I'm loving it.  His voice is just the sweetest thing.  I feel like his speech has been slow in coming…but now it seems to be taking off a bit.  Words he can {somewhat} say: please (peeees), banana (nana), thank you (tan-too), cookie (too-tee), momma, dada, no-no {nah nah}, go, ball (bah).

+Size 4 diapers, size 12-18 mo and 18-24 mo size clothes (depending on the brand), size 5 shoe

+Climbs on everything. Tables.  Chairs.  We cannot leave anything at all on the table unattended, because you better believe the second we walk out of the room or turn away he will be ON the table and into whatever it is.  Leftover food on a plate, markers, crayons, scissors, etc.

 +Gets into everything.  We lived in this house when Grace was a baby and we never had to put safety lock on the cabinets.  And now…we have already put locks on the cabinets with cleaning supplies/hazards….but now I am requesting that Geoff put them on ALL cabinets.  I can't keep up!  He's too fast!   (or I'm just too slow now, ha!) 

+And while all of this is 'so much work' and tiring…..  I sit back and just have to chuckle.  I love it all (ok maybe not everything while in the moment)…but I would not change a thing.   I definitely see a different temperament with this boy…..different than the girls….and I feel so blessed that I get to experience raising a boy and a girls.  I just love his feisty, tender, stubborn, sweet, strong-willed, loving personality.

+Loves being outside.  Loves it.

+Each and every day, each and every article of clothing that I put on his little body WILL have a stain on it before removing it from said body.

+Eating:  getting to be a little picky.  He won't eat turkey or ham anymore.  Loves mac-n-cheese (SO healthy, I know).  Hot dogs (also "healthy".  Wow!  I'm feeding my kids so well over here!)  He does love peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas.  Vegetables: none.  I will still give him the fruit/veggie pouches to squeeze (pun intended) in some vegetables.  Loves the drinkable yogurts and cheese.  Likes milk…some days more than others. 

Loves his cereal.  Cheese!!

His 'first soup' from this past week.  Good til the last drop!

+height: 33 inches (75th percentile)
+weight: 23lb 8oz (20th percentile)

+Almost everything goes into his mouth.  Even still…he thinks it's a good idea to eat sand from time to time just to see if the flavor changes.  And soon regrets his decision.

That sweet face.  Those kissable cheeks that I'm thankful to be able to kiss on all day long.

He likes to pour things from one cup/bowl to another.  And so I've figured out that it's just better to give him 2 cups/bowls/etc to help keep it 'cleaner'.  For example…the other night I gave him a bowl of blueberries and this measuring cup.  He poured them back and forth while eating.  It kept him very entertained while I finished dinner.  :)

And so so sweet when he sleeps.

 I took the kids to the park this week just to get out of the house and I brought my big camera along to try and snap a few '18 month' pictures. (side note: I used to take my big camera everywhere when the girls were this age.  now I have to mentally psyche myself up for it to actually happen.  ;)

The way he carries things that he's taking from Point A to Point B.

I also took them to the park another time during the week, but this trip lasted a total of 5 minutes before we had to leave for someone to go to the bathroom (YES…we even all went before we left!)….but got a couple cute ones.


Lisa Williams said...

He is so stinkin cute!

Viv said...

He is so cute! I was laughing so hard looking at his face after eating the sand'again'. Boys will certainly be boys! Love Him!


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