Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Preschool Letter of the Week: Uu

We did Letter of the Week: Uu a couple of weeks ago.  And by the looks of it…we only did it half way.  Haha!  :)  As I mentioned with our Letter of the Week: Oo..I worked a lot more in October than normal…and so I guess these weeks are a little bit of a blur.  :)

So here are the few pictures I have to share. It's a mix of not doing as much and me taking less photos.  :)

From The Measured Mom….I really love these handwriting pages for upper and lower case letters and the numbers.

Her writing journal.

Ah!  This must have been the week we went to the State Fair.  And this is a picture of Big Tex.  And she had me write, "I was scared of Big Tex."  Ha ha ha!

This was also the week that she had little to no interest in school.  Which sorta worked out for me because she had a lot of interest in playing with/occupying her brother.  

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