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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

getting ready for Christmas!

This post is just a schmorgesborg of all things related to 'getting ready for Christmas'.

+Decorating.  We decorated for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving…and I didn't get very many pictures mostly because the kids were just so excited and were taking things out left and right.  Nolan almost fell from the couch getting ornaments out.  He's fast!  And thankfully didn't fall.  ;)

+Truth in the Tinsel.  This is a daily (or could be weekly) advent…where you read scripture each day and then make an ornament with your kids.  We did this last year, but I never got around to posting it. We really enjoyed it.  The time spent together reading out of the bible…learning the true meaning of Christmas…then making an ornament together.  And this year (well, 2014)…I was going to do it better.  I was going to have all of the days' crafts set up in baggies ready to go.  Yep.  That did not happen.  As a matter of fact…the whole first week didn't happen.  I honestly don't know exactly how this got away from me.  I am trying to be more intentional with my time, but it just didn't work out.  Next year!!!  {maybe}

+They wrote letters to Santa.  Last year…when we visited Santa…the girls told him their list.  Only problem was…I'd already finished up the shopping by then.  And umm….nothing Santa brought them was what they 'wanted.'  So this year I thought it'd be fun for them to actually get something they asked for.  I sat right beside them and tried to let them write mostly what they wanted…but within reason!  :)

+Decorated a gingerbread house.  This is the first year the girls pretty much did it themselves.  Waaaaaaah!  Next year maybe I'll get 2…or the village…and we can all decorate our own…but together.  :)

+Paper snowflake making.

+Those snowflakes sat around for a couple of weeks…and thankfully…Fred, our elf, helped us get them all hung up.  They're actually still on our windows and I love them.

+Christmas pajamas!

+Felt Christmas Tree.  I've had the felt to do this for a few years and never did…so it was fun to finally get it cut out this year.

+Christmas light seeing.

+Christmas coloring with my girls.

+ Christmas sewing.  I got this red poinsettia placemat for $1.99 at Michael's and sewed it onto some white curtain fabric I had on hand, then sewed on the bells.

+The girls sang at church one Sunday night in December.

+Mommy & Me Christmas Tea.  My friend, Jenny, had her annual Mommy & Me Christmas Tea.  The girls look forward to it each year.

+Christmas Adventure.  We went to the Gaylor'd ICE!
Us.  Before getting the big coats on.

The over-priced picture from the actual ICE! people.  But I am glad I got this picture because….

Not long after walking into the exhibit….this guy entered Melt. Down. Mode.  I think if I would have brought his pacifier in, it would have been better, but by this time, I'm sure he was very tired and hungry and just over it all.  So, literally, kicking and screaming…..I walked him out of the exhibit.

My sister sent me the above picture and the 3 below.

Parker sliding down the slide...

Geoff and the girls.

After ICE!…we ate lunch and then headed to Gingy's House (I think that's what it's called?) and decorated gingerbread cookies.

Then met Gingy!

Nolan loved him and didn't want to leave!

+Christmas Caroling.  One Saturday, Parker joined her church choir teacher and a few other children from choir at a local rehabilitation facility to sing a few Christmas carols.  It just worked out perfectly that…my Granny was there.  And I know my Granny was so proud to see her…and I know that Parker was just as proud to see her.

+We read The Gingerbread Bear and then decorated a gingerbread man cookie.  Nolan was over-the-moon excited to be able to participate.  (I know these pictures are so yellow-green…but they're memories!)

The before.

And the way it went down.  :)

I still have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures that I'll hopefully finish up soon.

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Viv said...

Loved all the decorations and so loved that pillow! What a great idea! I think Nolan does really good considering he's not even two yet. Good little boy!


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