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Friday, June 12, 2015

a trip to the dentist

Back in February…I took Grace to the dentist (not a pediatric dentist…just the dentist I've been going to for the past 11 years)…and while she did well with her previous teeth cleanings….we had a few issues getting her to even open her mouth to put a little sealant on a tooth.

Fast forward 2 months later…we visit the pediatric dentist.  Where they have all the bells and whistles that are to 'work their magic' on this girl.  She actually goes back without a hitch…but once back there…she pretty mush refuses to open her mouth.  They couldn't even do x-rays!!!  X-rays don't hurt, people!

So last week was the day.  They asked us to come back to fill her cavities….and that they would give her a little medicine that would put her under 'conscious sedation.'  Their hope was that she would be awake, but more calm and allow them to do what they needed.

So we get there an hour before her appointment so that she can get the medicine and then come back out and sit with me for an hour to let the medicine start to work.  They told me that a lot of kids will go back out and cuddle and sometimes fall asleep.  

What did this girl do?  I seriously laugh out loud at these pictures because when we got there…she was 'so tired'.  I literally thought she might fall asleep before they even gave her the medicine.  And then…just 10 minutes after they gave her the medicine…she hopped right up out of the chair and began playing…..

I had a feeling the medicine wasn't quiiiiite working for her.  ;)

Well…they got a little bit of the work done…but bless her heart…she has such extreme anxiety about it…and so they were not able to get it all done.  So now we have to go back in 2 weeks... and she will be put completely under.

She was not in the best of moods when they brought her out.  I felt so sad for her.  Unfortunately- I had a LOT of work done on my teeth (extractions…lots of extractions... and braces…TWICE)…so I am confident my kids will have some similar experiences (maybe not quite so many extractions?)…and so in some ways…I really pray this anxiety subsides a little with age.  All of this sedation is pricey (and not covered by insurance).  And mostly- I just don't want her to feel that way.

So what does a traumatic experience at the dentist and leftover birthday money from Gramma and Poppa get you???  
This monstrosity!

She has had enough birthday money for a while to get this…but I didn't want her to have it. I didn't see the point (still kinda don't).  BUT…she does love it.  And she really does take Anna all around the house with her.  She has a nap time, bed time…she went to the cousin sleepover with her…she watches morning shows with her….and also rode in the car with us as we went to dinner the other night. Geoff and I have a good laugh about it.  And I see her talking with her and playing with her quite a bit.  So for now…I don't quite regret the purchase. ;)

{nap time}


Viv said...

Bless her heart! I really do sympathize with her anxiety! She's such a sweet, big-hearted little girl!

Lisa Williams said...

Oh poor Grace!! Ha but the doll does crack me up :)

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