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Thursday, September 14, 2017

all things baby #4 - part II

The remainder of my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful....which is just what I wanted!!

At my 16 week appointment, she was not able to find the heartbeat with the doppler I was able to have another sono.  This one made me a bit nervous because they've always found the baby's heartbeat with the doppler at this age.  But...again....this baby was very active and moving all around.  Wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good 3d shot of it's face.  :)  But always a treat to see the baby!

One things that has remained the same throughout each pregnancy (after the 1st trimester, of course!) I develop a crazy sweet tooth.  I could eat dessert after every meal (including breakfast).  {Insert over 9 pound baby here}.  ha!  With Parker, my go-to was banana splits.  Geoff would run to Braum's and bring us each one a few times a week!  With Grace and Nolan...most nights Geoff would make me a big bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with Reddi Whip and chopped m&ms.  With this pregnancy...I've had a strong craving for butterfingers, and Butterfinger Mixes (blizzards)....but also really just all the sweets!

At 18 weeks, 4 days...we visited the perinatologist's office for a Level II anatomy scan.  My genetic blood work that was drawn at 12 weeks all came back normal...but I also take that with a grain of salt because the genetic blood work with my last pregnancy also came back normal...and it was most definitely not.  My sister's was also not accurate with her last baby.  But anyways.  I was looking forward to seeing the baby and have all of the organs looked over closely.  The doctor went through my history and had some concern with how big my babies are and if I had any history of gestational diabetes.  Three times he asked me if I had a history of gestational diabetes...and THREE times I told him NO.  ;). This baby has measured big like the others.  And I am happy to report that I passed my glucose test with flying colors.  So there!  But still.  This baby is BIG.  And I know it can still have sugar issues when it's praying specifically for that right now!

Anyways.....the baby looked great!!!  Heart, kidneys, brain, lungs...everything looked great!  We looked away when he was measuring anything down low because we did not want to (and have not) found out the gender of the baby!  As we were walking out of the office...I told Geoff I thought I saw what the baby was.  
He said, "Me, too."
I said, "It's a girl."
He said, "It's a boy."
Ha!!  Clearly, we both didn't know what we were looking at...and probably didn't even see anything that would tell us!!

Half way there!  20 weeks, 4 days.  

25 weeks

I had one more sono at 28 weeks to see how the baby was doing and how big it was getting.  I believe the heart rate was between 130-140.  The baby was already a couple of pounds and measuring a little the 74th percentile.  And still very active!

Sweet, sweet baby and it's squishy cheeks!!  Looks just like the other babies.  :)

27 weeks, 4 days.  It's so fun to look back at these belly pictures...because I know I felt so large at these times...but it's nothing compared to how you end up.  ha!

My sister threw me a little "Sprinkle"- which I am so thankful for!  Here I am at 31 weeks.  I figured we wouldn't get in any maternity pictures this time around... and wanted to capture a few here, along with a few with the girls.

34 weeks @ the beach

36 weeks, 5 days 
(in my kid's messy room with a messy mirror because this is the only full length mirror we have!)

last photo with my baby before baby.

last photo as a family of 5!

Next up...her birth-day!

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