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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Parker's 10 year old adventure!

For the kids' birthdays...we've loosely set the rules to be that they get a birthday party with friends every other year....and then *just* a family party on the off years.  This works out well for me in helping to keep my sanity!  ha.  Well this year...Parker turned 10...and it was the year for a party.  The party she wanted turned out to be much pricier than what I thought it would be worth.  And somehow along the way, I came up with the plan for her to have a special day (and night!) with just us...for less than what the TWO hour party would have been!  We let her choose...a special day with us...or a party with friends?  And she chose US!!  Soaking up and enjoying that now because I know it won't always be the case!

We started our special Saturday with lunch of her Snuffer's.

Next up...we headed to the Galleria where we surprised her with getting her ears' pierced.  She was so surprised...which made it all the more enjoyable for us!

Next for a new outfit.  Just because. skating!  She had been asking to go ice skating for a while now...and while she was was a lot more work than she remembered. ha!  They only skated about 45 minutes.  :)

After ice skating...we check in to our hotel...the Westin at the Galleria.  Another surprise for her!

Then we headed to American Girl where we had planned to get her doll's ears' pierced and have dinner.  She was in her element.  With no brother or sister around to get in her way...she enjoyed perusing through the store and playing with all of the displays set out.  She loved it all.  And it brought so much joy to us just watching her.

We headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit.  We had planned on her being able to go night swimming...but it ended up being a fairly chilly day...and even more chilly night!  They both jumped in...took this picture...and then pretty much hopped right on out!  It's a memory!

Oh my little girl... who is not so little anymore.  Growing up before our eyes.  How quickly these 10 years have flown.

And this was something she had made before we left and I love it and don't want to ever forget it.



What a joy and privilege it is being your mother.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that you are 10...and my not-so-little girl anymore.  I am so proud of you and how hard you work on your schoolwork.  Thank you for constantly helping me around the house...from picking up the living room (because you can't stand the mess either!!) much you pick up the slack of your siblings....and helping Nolan when he needs a hand.  And now...since the birth of has been so sweet watching you love her and want to do any and everything for her.  She is so blessed to have you...not only now...but as she grows, she has such a great example in you.  I love your creativity and the way you think outside of the box in so many ways.  It inspires me.  I pray that your love for the Lord will continue to grow...and that you will use your gifts of compassion, intelligence, curiosity, and persistence for His glory.

I love you so much!


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