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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giddy-up horsey...

My Papaw was a great carpenter. He could build most anything. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to have a few pieces of furniture that he built, to pass onto Parker. One of those things was this rocking horse. When I first did her nursery, I 'fit' this piece of furniture into her room. But after a few months of living in the wall to wall furniture, I decided to move some things into the garage that she was too little for, until she was actually able to use them. Tonight, for some reason (I know it was only a couple of hours ago, but Geoff and I can honestly not remember what made us do this), we got this rocking horse out. She loved it! (If you can't tell by the pictures...)

P.S. Do you think that Parker's outfit brought The Boys good luck tonight??? ;-)


Harley Chick said...

Ride-em, Cowgirl-Parker!!!

(amazing when you just know it is time! - parenthood becomes you both!)

Kristin said...

She looks like a grown up on there!!

Viv said...

It sure does become you both!


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