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Monday, March 8, 2010

2 years and 374 posts later....

Incidentally....this past Saturday was the 2 year anniversary of me starting this blog. It sort of occurred to me last week that my blog-iversary was coming up....but then quickly slipped my mind as things tend to do these days.

Fortunately, my Aunt B....who I think is the biggest fan of my blog....reminded me in a sweet comment on Saturday that it has been 2 years!

As soon as I read her comment....I immediately visited my very first post. Wow. So much has changed.
  • Four years ago this week...Geoff and I were days from getting married.
  • Three years ago this week....I was in the last week of my first trimester of pregnancy with Parker.
  • Two years ago this week....Parker was 5 and half months old...not even eating baby food....and I was just beginning my first semester of nursing school.
  • One year ago this week....Parker was almost 1 and a half....and I was in my 3rd semester of nursing school.
  • And we are....a new house....a degree in nursing.....and another kid later!
So for grins....I decided to stroll down memory lane and link some of my favorite blog posts from the past 2 years. And truth be told....some of these I don't even remember until I click on them and read them again!! It's moments like this that I am really thankful for this blog because it has allowed me to record things that I might otherwise forget over time because they weren't necessarily the 'big' things going on in our life.

Enough of my rambling...{you know how I am.}


Viv said...

Dearest sweet Marla, as I've said over and over, your blogs are what I really look forward to. I truly enjoy reading yours and Sister's blogs so I can keep up with you all in a small way and feel closer to your babies although we don't see you all that often. Just know you are so loved, we are so proud of you all and thank God each day that you are all our family.

Marla said...

Wow 2 years!! So much has happened!!!!


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